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Can you name the Percy Jackson and Heroes Of Olympus Characters?

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Godly Parent /creatureCharacterA Little Hint
HadesWe met him in the third Book
PoseidonSeaweed Brain
AthenaOwl Girl
Bellona From The Son Of Neptune. Praetor
Satyr Camp Half-BloodHe is afraid of bunnies!
Hades (dead)We met her in the third book too. Sadly she died.
Satyr Camp HalfbloodLoves to shout. From The Lost Hero.
AresHer spear is called Mamer.
MarsHe loves his bow and arrow. From The Son Of Neptune
PlutoShe can make metal pop from the ground. From the Son Of Neptune.
Hephaestus (dead)He was dating a certain girl from Aphrodite.
ApolloTotally great with a bow and arrow. Also a great healer
Godly Parent /creatureCharacterA Little Hint
IrisSon of the goddess of the rainbow. From The Lost Hero.
ZeusJoined the Hunters Of Artemis. Was once a tree.
JupiterWe just met him in The Lost Hero. He can fly!
AphroditeTotally kick-butt daughter of Aphrodite. Also from The Lost Hero.
Aphrodite (dead)She was totally awesome very good with horses.
DemeterI'll give you a hint her last name is Gardiner
Hermes (twins)Love to play pranks. Pulled the prank with the golden mango
HephaestusCan shoot fire from his hands. From The Lost Hero.
Golden DragonI know he's not alive but we still love him! Has glowing ruby eyes. Annabeth fixed him. He also loves oil and Tabasco Sauce.
CyclopsHe's a son of the sea god too. Remember who his cabinmate is?
HarpySuper smart from The Son Of Neptune. She remembers a lot.
AtlasShe died in the third book as well. She was a Hunter of Artemis.

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