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succeeded his father Henry IV as King of France when he was 8/9
began the construction for the Chateau de Chambord and rebuilt the Chateau de Louvre
the Italian Wars were a big part of his reign
Renaissance arrived in France during his reign
married Anne of Austria, daughter of Philip II of Spain
known as the 'Victorious'
succeeded by his son Louis XII
house of Capet, ruled form 1226--1270
father was Louis VIII 'the Lion'
recaptured lost parts of France paid as ransom to England
succeeded by his son Louis VII
house of Capet, reigned 1223--1226
the Thirty Years' War took place during his reign
the last of the Valois line
became heir to the throne when Henry III's brother died in 1584
reigned for only 3 years
tried to convert the Jews of France
went mad before his death in 1461
had a rivalry with Charles V of the Holy Roman Empire
72-year-reign, 2nd longest in recorded history
House of Bourbon, ruled from 1610-143
negotiated peace with England
house of Capet, ruled from 1179--1223
annexed Languedoc, captured Poitou from England
Wars of Religion occurred during his reign
renounced Protestantism and accepted Catholicism in order to enter Paris
fought Catholic opposition in the War of Three Henries
War of the Three Henries broke out during his reign
had to pay the ransom for his father John II
house of Valois, ruled from 1574--1589
won Normandy, Brittany, Anjou for France
Italian campaign lost money and men, military disaster for France
led France against Europe to win the throne of Spain for his grandson
known as 'Louis the Chaste'
house of Valois, ruled 1515--1547
established the systems of appanages
house of Capet, ruled from 1364-1380
House of Bourbon, ruled from 1643--1715
led the Seventh Crusade, ended in military disaster
lead France's recovery from the devastation of the Hundred Years' War
Known as the 'Sun King'
Known as 'Louis the Great'
reorganized the army
founded the House of Bourbon, ruled from 1589--1610
took part in the 3rd Crusade
King of England for a while
assassinated by a crazed friar in 1589
first great Capetian kings of France
son Louis XI of France
house of Valois, ruled from 1483-1498

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