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Name the correct style of shoe for each description and this quiz will be a 'shoe'-in!

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Soft shoe made of deerskin or other leather, common to indigenous tribes of North America.
Athletic shoes with metal spikes designed to grip slippery surfaces, such as grassy fields.
Shoes with a long, slender heel -- the original Italian versions had heels no more than .2' in diameter -- that share a name with a long, slender blade.
Boots, often worn in construction jobs, reinforced to protect the wearer from punctures, falling objects, and sometimes even chemical hazards.
Brand of shoe invented by a Danish yoga instructor in the 1970s, incorporating 'Negative Heel Technology.'
Popularized by Marilyn Monroe in the 1950s, backless shoes with a closed toe. (The open-toed version is known as a 'slide.')
Originally used by Scots and Irish to work in wet boggy land, their name originates from the Old Irish 'brĂ³c'.
Casual, comfortable footwear, typically made from soft fabrics, designed to be worn in the home.
Originally used in the Pyrenees, a now broadly popular casual style of shoe with a sole made of jute rope.
Shoes with a strap across the instep, commonly (but not exclusively) worn by small girls.
Shoes with a pattern cut into their rubber soles to provide grip on a wet deck.
Wooden shoes that are used in several styles of dance.
Shoes with a low-cut front and no laces, buttons, or other fastenings. Women's versions typically have a 1' or higher heel.
Type of rubber boot slipped over shoes to keep them from getting wet or damaged in inclement weather.
Type of riding boots originally designed for use with a Western saddle; common today as everyday footwear in the American South and West.
Shoes designed to make the wearer appear taller by means of a hidden lift in the insole.
Flat sandals, typically with a toe post, often cheaply manufactured and worn in warm weather.
Lightweight dancing shoes, typically made from soft leather, canvas, or satin.
Mexican sandals, traditionally made with hand-woven braided leather straps, which gained popularity in the 1960s in the American hippie community.
Men's lace-up dress shoes, typically black or brown. Their early association with English college men gives them their name.
Originating in the Victorian era, ankle-high boots that became associated with the Swinging London movement in the 1960s.
Knee-high leather military boots, often associated with authoritarian regimes.
Slip-on shoes made in both casual and professional styles. A type of this shoe popular in the 1950s and 60s had a coin inserted in a slit on the upper.
Shoes with a visibly thick, chunky sole. They were a fad in the 1970s, but still popular in a variety of styles today.

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