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Forced Order
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4 December 1793
13 July 1793
Term for bonds backed up by the sale of Church land that circulated as a form of paper currency
20 August 1786- Controller General at the time tells Louis that the country is on the verge of .......
The American War of Independence Dates
Term for poor labourers and radical Jacobins
2 November 1789
1 February 1793
20 August 1792
Director General 1776-81 and 1788-89, Protestant, funded war effort through loans, Compte Rendu
10 Jan 1789
Liberal nobleman who led French forces in the American Wars, organised the National Guard, a Feuillant
20 June 1789
Robespierre's alternative civic religion to teh Catholic faith
5 May 1789
12 July 1790
Controller General 1774-76, one of the first to pick up on financial exhaustion of France
10% tax paid to the Church
6 November 1792
20 September 1792
16 August 1788
14 July 1789
Jacobin, leader of CPS, instigator of Terror
2-6 September 1792
Woman who murdered Marat
Group led by Danton and Desmoulins who desired the relaxation of the Terror
Three Main Short-Term Causes
11 March 1793
Girondin, member of the Legislative Assembly and National Convention
24 March 1794- this man and his followers are executed
Name of Pre-Revolution French Monarchy
10 March 1793
5 April 1794- these two men executed
28 July 1794
17 September 1793
24 June 1793
13 June 1792
19 November 1792
October 5-6 1789
Unpaid labour service to maintain roads
20 April 1792
Constitutional monarchists who split from the Jacobin Club following the Flight to Varennes
27-28 July 1794
Controller General 1787-88, on of the Notables, declared bankruptcy, agreed with Louis to summon Estates General
17 June 1789
17 July 1791
27 July 1793- this man joins CPS
The Seven Years War Dates
Queen of France
Controller General 1783-87, forced to reform the tax system, assembled an Assembly of Notables, idiotic move
26 August 1789
Leader of Cordeliers Club, member of CPS, sent to guillotine by Robespierre
9 November 1791- Decree against .......
29 September 1793- this is imposed
4 August 1789
Four Main Long-Term Causes
Controller General 1781-83, brief spell, Necker's successor, felt obliged to increase taxation
14 September 1791- Louis accepts new ......
Published 'What is the Tird Estate?'
King of France
Author of L'ami du Peuple
2 September 1792
Small group of deputies from the Gironde, notably Brissot
10 August 1792
27 August 1791
6 April 1793
20 June 1791
1 October 1791
Term for list of grievances and suggestions for reform drawn up by representatives of each estate and presented before the Estates General
February 1781
5 October 1789
Term for people who fled France during the Revolution, mainly aristocrats
22 September 1792
23 June 1789
21 January 1793
23 August 1793- this decree is issued
16 October 1793
2 June 1793

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