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Can you name the Harry Potter Characters by Lesser-Known Facts About Them?

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West Ham fan | Unknown blood status | Good at visual art
Doesn't like skiing | Doesn't like horses | Doesn't like Quidditch | has been to France
Pet rabbit named Binky died when character was 13
Has a scar shaped like a map of the London Underground | Likes Muggle knitting patterns
Amateur lyricist | Spent less time than Wormtail, but more time than most, as a rodent
Wand is Hornbeam and dragon heartstring | Duck-footed while walking
Averaged 8 hours of studying per day before OWLS
Can, you know, do math and stuff
Has a large collection of gum wrappers | Was repeatedly almost killed by family members in childhood
Bad taste in vases | Worse taste in haircuts
Not a ghost, despite what most of Hogsmeade thought | Not a spy, despite what some of his friends thought
Does not generally permit people to talk while [they're] talking | Kind of aggressive about Ginger Newts
Killer of roosters | Sender of embarrassing Singing Valentines
Makes a fox Patronus | Has a cousin named Fergus
Had something pierced | Worked in the Muggle government for a time
Had something pierced | Worked in Egypt for a time
Purportedly the lead singer of hit musical group The Hobgoblins | Once illegally hexed someone's head to twice its normal size
Guilty of inappropriate flamingos | Character's mother died during 1996-1997 school year
Bad at cooking | Worse at speaking French
Has an attic bedroom | Saw Uranus up close
Understands what a nickname is | Can fly
Had two twin brothers | Loves Celestina Warbeck
Nobody really knows what happened with that goat...
Creator of the All-England Best-Kept Suburban Lawn Competition | Not great with household spells
Fan of DIY jewelry | Can ride side-saddle
Was asked out by Roger Davies | 75% human
Was asked out by Roger Davies | Supports the Tutshill Tornadoes
Almost attended Eton | Almost got attacked by a snake
Possibly trims his mustache with a slide rule | Grandfather owned a flying carpet (before they were banned, of course)
Highly skilled at breaking and entering | Owns a piano

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