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(0-5) Poor AC & R; Profound disability across all modalities; may have a stereotypic uttterance which may be well-articulated with prosodic variations
(9+) Good AC; Poor R (worse than speech), tries to self-correct errors, especially their phonemic paraphasic erros
(6-8) Poor AC & R; Variable phrase length; low volume, well-articulated speech; semantic, phonemic, and neologistic paraphasias
(9+) Poor AC, Good R; frequent semantic paraphasias; use of nondescript words (e.g., thing)
(0-5) Relatively poor AC, Poor R; severe anomia, may have stereotypic utterance; usually in recovery from or milder version of Global
(9+) Poor AC and R; better preserved verbal abilities; phonemic, semantic, neologistic paraphasias; empty speech and perseverations
(0-5) Good AC & R; R is better than speech, absent articulatory effort, impaired initiation of verbal output
(9+) Good AC and R; prominent word finding problems, use of nondescript words and circumlocutions
(6-8) Good AC & R; Variable phrase length; low volume, impercise articulation (dysarthria), range of grammatical constructions
(0-5) Good AC, Poor R; R is same as speech, AC better than expressive; effortful articulation; agrammatic, but may have over-learned expressions
(6-8) Variable phrase length, & AC; Good R; paraphasic and perseverative; low volume; connected speech interrupted by word-finding problems, but grammatically correct

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