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Impairment at letter analysis; spatially consistent errors at either end of a word (L or R neglect)
Involves interconnections between orthographic, phonological, and semantic processing; a lesion would weaken one of these connections
working on having the person read the word and say it out loud correctly
Impairment at letter analysis or orthographic input lexicon; real word substitution
working on the person reading the words and understanding what the words mean
Difficulty perceiving written word
Poor grapheme-phoneme conversion; few semantic errors; some difficulty with functors
Over-reliance on grapheme-phoneme conversion; visual/semantic and over-regularization errors
impairment at letter analysis; errors due to influence/interference of other letters within a word
Impairment between visual features analysis and letter analogies, letter by letter reading
Weak semantic-phonology connection; Impaired grapheme-phoneme conversion; pseudo word, semantic, visual, morphological, and imageability errors; functor errors
This model either appeals to their grapheme-phoneme (nonlexical) reading or phonological (lexical) reading
Difficulty in lexical and sublexical processing
Usually from a small, left-hemisphere _____ lobe lesion involving the angular gyrus

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