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QUIZ: Can you name the Acquired Dysgraphia?

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Short term storage of grapheme info; impaired on all writing tasks; deletions, substitutions, additions
bad writing execution; can't keep straight line, difficulty with spacing letters/words (impaired nondominant parietal lesions/cerebellar dysfunction)
grapheme buffer, semantic, deep, phonological, and surface dysgraphia
impaired lexical-semantic connection; can't write spontaneously, homonophones, or written naming
acquired writing disorder characterized by errors in spelling, semantics, or syntax and poor construction of the physical features of the written word
Poor letter formation; spatial errors, distortions, stroke insertions, deletions; spelling and typing spared(lesion in non-dominant; parietal where graphic motor program is stored)
can't select/generate correct shapes, mix up print, cursive, upper/lower case; oral spelling is spared (parieto-occipital lesion)
Impaired grapheme-phoneme conversion; semantically-related errors; difficulty with functors (class --> school)
Allographic, Apraxic, Motor nonapraxic, and spatial or afferent dysgraphia
over-reliance on grapheme-phoneme conversion; phonetic errors in spelling ('school' --> 'skool')
bad grapheme-phoneme conversion; lexical-semantic whole-word spelling
defective regulation of movement, speed, & amplitude of writing; disjointed writing; seen in Parkinson's (impared basal ganglia, thalamo-cortical/corticocerebellar motor loop)

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