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Childhood Best Friend
Childhood Crush
Who did she ditch Jake for, at an event held for him?
Age (Season 1)
Serial Killer he caught with Holt under the radar?
Who did he give the credit to for the answer to 7?
What 99 tradition did Jake initiate when they were on standby?
What does Jake like to do on Thanksgiving?
While doing 10, what does he eat?
What does Jake say when Amy gets emotional with him?
When Jake played little league, where did his father take the team after games?
Who did Jake go through the Police Academy with?
What deal do they have to show they trust eachother?
What did Jake's Grandmother call him?
What is he allergic too?
In Season 1, Episode 1, who does he quote in the opening scene
What is the nickname his Criminal arch rival?
What is his arch rival's name?
Who threatened Jake and Holt at the end of Season 3, forcing them both into witness protection
Where did they hide?
What were their aliases?
Who went undercover working for the person who threatened them
Who does he prevent from getting a Vasectomy?
Who is his best friend

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