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Forced Order
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Jackal mother
A nice hyena
Future queen of the pride lands
Leader of the lion Guard
Evil hyena clan leader
Younger clan member
Older clan member
King of the pride lands
Queen of the pride lands
Son of Rairai
Husband of Rairai
Fastest member of the lion guard
Bravest member of the lion guard
Strongest member of the lion guard
Keenest of sight
Kiara's Sassy friend
Kiara's active friend
Leader of the Aardwolves
Former king of the pride lands
Bunga's meerkat uncle
Bunga's worthog uncle
Leader of the crocodile float
Former leader of the crocodile float
Fight to determine the leader of the crocodiles
Celebration of the pride lands community
Former leader of the lion Guard
Advisor to Simba
Wise monkey
Beshte's father
Young elephant that idolizes Beshte
Female Aardwolf
A giraffe
Friendly leapord
Mean leapord that kicked Badilli out of his territory
sister of Jasiri
baby brother of Jasiri
Baby sister of Jasiri
sister of Dogo
son of muhimu

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