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which process occurs during anaerobic and aerobic respiration
biochemical pathway that forms part of the light independant reaction
in anaerobic respiration in microorganisms pyruvate+reduced NAD=????+CO2+NAD
how many cyles of the calvin cycle before 1 molecle of glucose is produced?
what reduces GP to TP
what's the other product of lactate fermentation other than lactate
number of ATP molecules produced during glycolysis
part of respiration where glucose is broken down into pyruvate
which part of respiration is (pyruvate+NAD+CoA = acetylCoA+reduced NAD+CO2
where in the cell organelle does krebs cycle take place
in anaerobic respiration in animals pyruvate+reduced NAD=????+NAD
process of atp synthesis from diffusion of H+
krebs cycle produces which gas
how many molecules of pyruvate produced from 1 molecule of glucose?
how many times does the link reaction occur for 1 molecule of glucose?
Glycerate-3-phosphate reduced to ????
enzyme that makes ATP from diffusion of H+
site of krebs cycle
krebs cycle produces which 2 coenzymes
RUBP + ??? = 2GP
total number of ATP molecules produced from 1 glucose molecule
ATP is an immediate energy source/store, which one?
final electron acceptor in electron transport chain
the most efficient part of respiration

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