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QUIZ: Can you name the name the Movies Based on their MacGuffins?

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A yellow 1984 Renault 52000
The contents of a mysterious briefcase which emits an orange glow1994
A 1964 Chevrolet Malibu1984
A foot belonging to the Lagomorpha Leporidae species2007
A special stone guarded by a three-headed dog2001
The Most Fabulous Object in the Universe1981
A heroin-stuffed doll1967
A microfilm containing sensitive government secrets1959
A chest containing the heart of Davy Jones2006
An ancient book that summons the spirits of the dead1992
A statuette resembling a certain ornithological species1941
Letters of transit1942
A souvenir replica of the Statue of Liberty1988
The El Corazon emerald1984
The rock'n'roll competition in Lost Vegas1998
The leads1992
A pair of antique Winchester shotguns1998
A bottle of Dom Perignon1985
A briefcase which brings about many car chases1998

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