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Lyrics:Song Name:Artist:
Got it all too high, got it figured out...Lostprophets
He said son, have you seen the world...Rise Against
I won't stand in your way, let your hatred grow...Muse
(Title), get away, get a good job with more pay...Pink Floyd
Dear mother can you hear me whining...Green Day
I'm so rushed off my feet, looking for Gorden street...Busted
I've been here, before, a few times...blink-182
I woke up it was 7, i waited 'till 11...Simple Plan
A (title), he prayed behind stained glass...Billy Talent
Tu es ma mademoiselle, tu es ma petit (title)...Sum 41
She keeps Moet et Chandon, in a pretty cabinet...Queen
Can't Fight! There's no escaping the facts...The Automatic
If I had to, I would put myself right beside you...Breaking Benjamin
Are we all victims of opportunity, locked outside the door back in '83...blink-182
Sleep, sleep little darling, I swear I'm not trying to wear you out...Hawthorne Heights
Today is a winding road, that's taking me to places that i didn't want to go...Boys Like Girls
Educated, with money...Good Charlotte
There's a black cloud over this house...Less Than Jake
You know the day destroys the night...The Doors
Come waste your millions here...Muse
Goodbye humans, goodbye earth, I've left this place and all it's worth... Family Force 5
(Title), sleep my little darling...Priestess
I can see her now, dancing around her drink in hand...Atreyu
One last thing I beg you please, just before you go...Rise Against
On a dark desert highway...The Eagles
Lyrics:Song Name:Artist:
Growing tired of bedside resolve, public display of depression...Anberlin
I, never thought that I was so blind...The All-American Rejects
I tear my heart open, I sew myself shut...Papa Roach
Here you go, way too fast...Primitives
All Hail! The leaders of the revolution...Lostprophets
I, I'm driving black on black, just got my license back...Nickelback
Sell kids for food, weather changes moods...Nirvana
I got a lot to say to you, I got a lot to say...Paramore
Some of those that wear forces...Rage Against The Machine
Everything was going just the way I planned the (title) was done...McFly
Hollywood hills, pocket full of shells...Puddle Of Mudd
I was born long ago, I am the chosen, I'm the one...Lenny Kravitz
Hey, don't write yourself off yet...Jimmy Eat World
How dare you say that my behavior is unacceptable, so condescending unnecessarily critical...Maroon 5
I won't suffer, be broken, get tired, or wasted...Thirty Seconds To Mars
We are young, but we have heart...Hollywood Undead
I stumble through the wreckage, (title)...Billy Talent
So sick of the hobos, always begging for change...Theory Of A Deadman
Is there word or right to say, even in this old-fashioned way?...Coheed And Cambria
(Title) I've been searching for something...Foo Fighters
Raise your hands now to testify...Green Day
Helpless, my eyes are bleeding from the fear that's inside...Bullet For My Valentine
It doesn't matter if it is good, it only matters if it rocks...Tenacious D
I don't want this moment, to ever end...Sum 41
I am, a little bit of loneliness, a little bit of disregard ...Linkin Park

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