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Can you name the following individuals who have a Wikipedia article specifically about their death?

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Date of DeathWikipedia ArticleLocation of Death
c. 399 B.C.Athens
March 15, 44 B.C.Theater of Pompay
1st century A.D.Golgotha
June 27, 1844Carthage, Illinois
April 14, 1865Washington, D.C.
September 19, 1881Long Branch, New Jersey
September 14, 1901Buffalo, New York
June 28, 1914Sarajevo, Austria-Hungary
April 30, 1945Berlin, Germany
January 30, 1948New Delhi, India
August 5, 1962Los Angeles, California
November 22, 1963Dallas, Texas
Date of DeathWikipedia ArticleLocation of Death
April 8, 1968Memphis, Tennessee
June 5, 1968Los Angeles, California
December 8, 1980New York, New York
October 6, 1981Cairo, Egypt
April 8, 1994Seattle, Washington
November 4, 1995Tel Aviv, Israel
August 31, 1997Paris, France
December 30, 2006Baghdad, Iraq
December 27, 2007Rawalpindi, Pakistan
June 25, 2009Los Angeles, California
May 2, 2011Abbottabad, Pakistan

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