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AJust remember to accept any table.
AIt's no accident this adverb is on the list.
ADon't quit on this verb.
AA lot of people misspell this one.
AProfessionals might miss this word.
AA parent must pay the rent.
ADon't debate the spelling of this noun.
AOnly God knows why this is here.
BThe i before e rule is no lie.
BIt has nothing to do with the weather.
CThis gory word has an e in it.
CDon't let this one bury you.
CYou would probably want to save this -ible word.
CThis newspaper word has a silent consonent at the end.
CThis tough con word has a [ch] sound spelled two different ways. If you get it, i o u congratulations.
CThis word has nothing to do with the U.S. Census.
DThink of a drink and spell it right.
DSurely you won't forget the second [e] in this adverb.
DMany sober people omit one of the [n]s in this word.
DEven smart people might forget how to spell this one.
EEquip your mind and leave the [t] out of this word
ERemembering the [h] in this word will 'lift your spirits.'
EThe [a] in this word does not exist!
FThis foreign word violates the i-before-e rule.
GThis word is not spelled like warranty even though they are synonyms.
HThis high word does not end in [th].
HHumor us and spell this one right.
ISurely you're not unaware that this word doesn't end in -ence.
IDepends on the fact that this word ends in -ent.
ISounds like a shot in the arm. One [n] the arm is enough.
IUsing two [l]s in this word and ending it in -ence are marks of....
IIt's short but often misspelled.
JNo verdict: Americans and Brits don't agree on this one.
KDon't confuse corn with KFC.
LJust a French word throwing you a curve: an extra [i]
LThe books say that both [r]s in this word should be pronounced.
LLearning to omit the [e] in this word should lighten the load some.
MOne of the 1000 big words with double letters.
MThis mini word has a vowel that is rarely pronounced.
MYou would think this small word is mini but it's not.
MIt's embarassing that people miss this one!
NMr. Rogers knows this word that breaks the i-before-e rule.
NNotice that the [e] is retained in this word.
OThis word 'happens' to have two double consonants and ends in -ence.
PSomething you do to pass the time.
PKeep trying and you will get this word right.
PThis word 'has' two double [s]s.
P'Succeed,' but 'Pre....' Sometimes English doesn't make sense.
QDon't you hate those pop-up surveys?
RRefer to the fact that this word ends in -ence.
RThis word is not relevent.
R'Rime' was the spelling of this one until 1650...
R...when they changed it make it like this one.
SIf you're in the Army now...spell this one right.
TThis one can push you over the...
TEven if you omit the [f] in the pronunciation, it is retained in the spelling.

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