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QUIZ: Can you name the celebrity names based on the Scrabble definitions of the words?

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First Full NameLast
A short club (B)A transparent mineral (C)
To move up and down (B)To have a desire or expectation (H)
A hereditary unit (G)A bright green color (K)
A toilet (J)To coat with sugar (C)
To make a visible impression on (M)A small bird (M)
To touch lightly (P)Angry (R)
To raise with a type of lever (J)A person having dominion over others (L)
To throw (C)To have a strong craving for something (J)
To decide upon (W)A worker in metals (S)
First Full NameLast
Having wealth (R)A small amount (L)
A girl or woman (J)To put to death without legal sanction (L)
To believe or trust (F)A rounded elevation (H)
To put on (D)A male monarch (K)
To pry open with a crowbar (J)To hit sharply (B)
A boyfriend (B)To connect (B)
An Italian lady (D)The stalks of tall grasses (R)
To present a statement of costs to (B)A movable barrier (G)
A small, flat cake of chopped food (P)To fight (D)

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