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Can you name the items with the letters OK in the answer?

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South African rugby union team or medium sized gazelle
Participation dance and song emphasizing particular body parts
Key ingredient in gumbo dish
Race of short hirsute bipeds in George Lucas movie franchise
Known in Thai as Krung Thep Mahanakhon, meaning 'City of the Deity'
1943 Rogers and Hammerstein musical
The Amazon Kindle, for example, displays this
Strangling law-enforcement move
Payment form formerly accepted in Chicago's Transit Authority
Media franchise owned by the Nintendo company
John Lennon's second wife and inspiration for many of his songs
Complete nonsense or incomprehensible text
Derogatory term for an unsophisticated country dweller (i.e. The Beverly Hillbillies)
A variety of Chinese cabbage
A metaphor (and website) representing a piece of irrefutable evidence
Deep frying pan used for stir-fry
Musical term originally derived from the Japanese for 'without orchestra.'
Wyatt Earp's famous gunfight location
Billboard #1 Single from Kesha
Movie role played by both Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger
The name of the orange ghost in the Pac-Man video game
Unofficial name of failed carbonated beverage introduced in 1985
A German festival held each fall
The typing required during this quiz

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