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Can you name the entertainment items that have a letter of the alphabet prominently in the answer?

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A former military outfit working as soldiers of fortune, if you can find themA
New Wave rock band known for the singles 'Love Shack' and 'Roam'B
Dance-music/pop group originally led by Robert Clivillés and David ColeC
Rock group comprised of lead guitarist Kyle Gass and lead vocalist Jack BlackD
Walt Disney/Pixar multiple award winning computer animated pictureE
1960s comedy set at Fort Courage featuring a unit of misfit Army personnelF
An amusement ride experience or a group of secret FBI agentsG
Author of War of the Worlds, the basis of the 2005 Spielberg filmH
Feature film adaption of Richard Matheson novel, starring Will SmithI
Founder of Bad Robot Productions and director of 2009 Star TrekJ
A man calling himself 'Prot' claims to be an extraterrestrial from this planetK
Refers to strong affection and attachment--and a 2004-09 Showtime dramaL
1954 Alfred Hitchcock thriller film adapted from a successful stage playM
Musical group active from 1995-2002 that has since gone bye bye byeN
Coen brothers comedy loosely based on Homer's OdyessyO
Rapper who headed the 'Vote or Die' campaign in the 2004 electionP
Avert the enemy purple snake 'Coily' in this isometric platform video gameQ
English writer and poet best known for fantasy novels such as The HobbitR
Christian apologist also known for the Chronicles of Narnia seriesS
American actor and musician known for 1999 album Gansta RapT
Academy award winning film about a German WWII submarineU
Dystopian comic book series set in London and 2005 movie adaptionV
Restaurant chain and carhop perfect for dinner and a root beerW
Cyclops, Iceman, Angel, Beast and Marvel Girl were the original recruitsX
An amnesic boy without a navel discovers the truth about his pastY
Group that usually appears wearing sunglasses (not necessarily cheap ones)Z

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