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What/ whoYear/ person
Peisistratos tyrant of Athens
Athens forced Aegina to tear down walls
Mass mixed marriages at Susa
Alexander orders 30,000 Iranians to be trained in Macedonian warfare
Philip invited into central Greece by Boeotians
Spartiates captured by Athenians at Spakteria
Defeat of the Sicilian Expedition
Origin of the Peloponnesian League
Siege of Mallian's capital
The Battle of Thermopolye
Accession of Xerxes
Destruction of Thebes by Alexander
The King's Peace
Solon elected chief magistrate in Athens
Philip succeeds Macedonian throne
Macedonian pike
Siege of Tyre
Birth of Herodotus
Kimon of Athens snubbed by Sparta in crushing Helot revolt
Herodotus's birthplace
Plague in Athens
Death of Alexander the Great
Peace of Nikias
Battle of the river Hydaspes
Thirty Years' Peace between Athens and Sparta
Death of Herodotus
Death of Epaminondas
The Battle of Gaugamela
What/ whoYear/ person
Battle of Aegospotami (destroys entire Athenian navy)
Earthquake that sets off Helot Revolt
Birth of Thucydides
The Archidamian War
Defeat of the Delian League in Egypt
The Ionian Revolts
Cyrus the Younger pledges full financial support to Sparta
The Battle of the river Granicus
Sardis burnt down by Ionian rebels
The Battle of Mantinea
Murder of Cleitus the Black
Croesus king of Lydia
Capture of Gaza, Tyre and Egypt by Alexander
Battle of Plataea
The Corinthian War
The Battle of Marathon
Philip begins military reforms in Macedonia
League of Corinth formation
Death of Thucydides
Death of Perikles
The Battle of Chaeronea
PEace of Kallias
Battle of Salamis
Athenians capture Pylos
Messenia established as an independent state
Spartans fortify Dekeleia
Athens lays siege to Poteidaia
Skilled Spartan craftsmen
What/ whoYear/ person
Athens begins construction of the Long Walls
Birth of Alexander the Great
Philip's conquest of Illyria
The Battle of Issus
Conquest of Messenia by Sparta
The Battle of Chaeronea
Death of Philip
Period of the short lived kings
Movement of the Delian League Treasury to Athens
Marriage of Philip and Olympias
Athenian alliance with Corcyra against Corinth
Expulsion of Peisistradids from Athens
Murderers of Hipparchos at Athens
Death of Hephaestion
Formation of the Delian League
Spartan education system
Legendary founder of Spartan society and laws
The Battle of Champions (Sparta vs Argos)
Theban military commander at Leuctra and Mantinea
Philip II's conquest of Thessaly
Murder of Parmenio
Drakon lawgiver at Athens
The Battle of Leuctra
Spartan Admiral at 407
1st Messenian War
The Peloponnesian War

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