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Can you name the mythological figures here and then some?

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This head of the greek gods supplies these, churches might need them!
The god and his favorite occupation (might be why he's so red all the time)
This almost immortal hero only eats a meal sprinkled with this - he says it gives it some heat and gets him ready for war!
This centaur keeps some strange company - he keeps this deadly snake as a personal pet.
Who knew half of the famous twin brothers was an agent as well? I wonder how much he charges for using his talents?
The greatest hero of troy also does physics, maybe he wished he knew this sooner - it might have helped him.
This failed lover of narcissus can't do much but repeat, but that doesn't stop her from emptying wallets of newlyweds - be sure to buy ones you really like!
This norse god isn't too shabby with hammers, especially in woodshop class. Maybe the Department of Mysteries asked for his help at one time or another?
This egyptian god of mothers has a problem - what was the name of the problem again?
Oh! let's not hope this messenger of the greek gods isn't lustful, otherwise he may transfer a dreadful disease.
This egyptian god with head of a falcon and his entourage of singers do weddings and parties at minimal cost.

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