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Can you name the most of the characters in the first 11 James Bond films?

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Actor CharacterFilm
Sean ConneryDr. No
Ursula AndressDr. No
Eunice GaysonDr. No
Joesph WisemanDr. No
Anthony DawsonDr. No
-Dr. No
Zena MarshallDr. No
Margaret LeWarsDr. No
Reggie CarterDr. No
John KitzmillerDr. No
Jack LordDr. No
Bernard LeeDr. No
Lois MaxwellDr. No
Peter BurtonDr. No
Lester PendergastDr. No
Timothy MoxonDr. No
Sean ConneryFrom Russia With Love
Daniela BianchiFrom Russia With Love
Eunice GaysonFrom Russia With Love
Martine BeswickFrom Russia With Love
Aliza GurFrom Russia With Love
Nadja ReginFrom Russia With Love
Lotte LenyaFrom Russia With Love
Robert ShawFrom Russia With Love
Vladek SheybalFrom Russia With Love
Fred HaggertyFrom Russia With Love
Walter GotellFrom Russia With Love
Anthony DawsonFrom Russia With Love
Pedro ArmendarizFrom Russia With Love
Bernard LeeFrom Russia With Love
Lois MaxwellFrom Russia With Love
Desmond LlewelynFrom Russia With Love
Sean ConneryGoldfinger
Honour BlackmanGoldfinger
Shirley EatonGoldfinger
Tania MalletGoldfinger
Gert FrobeGoldfinger
Harold SakataGoldfinger
Martin BensonGoldfinger
Burt KwoukGoldfinger
Michael MellingerGoldfinger
Alf JointGoldfinger
Nadja ReginGoldfinger
Bernard LeeGoldfinger
Lois MaxwellGoldfinger
Richard VernonGoldfinger
Cec LinderGoldfinger
Desmond LlewelynGoldfinger
Sean ConneryThunderball
Claudine AugerThunderBall
Martine BeswickThunderBall
Molly Peters ThunderBall
Adolfo CeliThunderBall
Luciana PaluzziThunderBall
Actor CharacterFilm
Guy DolemanThunderBall
George PravdaThunderBall
Paul StassinoThunderBall
Philip LockeThunderBall
Bill CummingsThunderBall
Bob Simmons and Rose AlbaThunderBall
Anthony DawsonThunderBall
Rik Van NutterThunderBall
Earl Cameron ThunderBall
Desmond LlewelynThunderBall
Bernard LeeThunderBall
Lois MaxwellThunderball
Sean ConneryYou Only Live Twice
Akiko WakabayashiYou Only Live Twice
Miw HarmaYou Only Live Twice
Donald PleasenceYou Only Live Twice
Teru ShimadaYou Only Live Twice
Karin DorYou Only Live Twice
Tetsuro TambaYou Only Live Twice
Charles GrayYou Only Live Twice
Bernard LeeYou Only Live Twice
Lois MaxwellYou Only Live Twice
Desmond LlewelynYou Only Live Twice
George LazenbyOn Her Majestys Secret Service
Diana RiggOn Her Majestys Secret Service
-On Her Majestys Secret Service
Angela ScoularOn Her Majestys Secret Service
Telly SavalasOn Her Majestys Secret Service
Ilse SteppatOn Her Majestys Secret Service
Yuri BorienkoOn Her Majestys Secret Service
Gabriele FerzettiOn Her Majestys Secret Service
Bernard HorsfallOn Her Majestys Secret Service
George BakerOn Her Majestys Secret Service
Bernard LeeOn Her Majestys Secret Service
Lois MaxwellOn Her Majestys Secret Service
Desmond LlewelynOn Her Majestys Secret Service
Sean ConneryDiamonds Are Forever
Jill St JohnDiamonds Are Forever
Lana WoodDiamonds Are Forever
Charles GrayDiamonds Are Forever
Putter SmithDiamonds Are Forever
Bruce GloverDiamonds Are Forever
Joseph FurstDiamonds Are Forever
Joe RobinsonDiamonds Are Forever
Donna GarrettDiamonds Are Forever
Trina ParksDiamonds Are Forever
Bruce CabotDiamonds Are Forever
Leonard BarrDiamonds Are Forever
David BauerDiamonds Are Forever
Jimmy DeanDiamonds Are Forever
Norman BurtonDiamonds Are Forever
Laurence NaismithDiamonds Are Forever
Bernard LeeDiamonds Are Forever
Desmond LlewelynDiamonds Are Forever
Actor CharacterFilm
Lois MaxwellDiamonds Are Forever
Roger MooreLive and Let Die
Jane SeymourLive and Let Die
Madeline SmithLive and Let Die
Yaphet KottoLive and Let Die
Gloria HendryLive and Let Die
Geoffrey HolderLive and Let Die
Julius W HarrisLive and Let Die
Earl Jolly BrownLive and Let Die
David HedisonLive and Let Die
Clifton JamesLive and Let Die
Roy StewartLive and Let Die
Bernard LeeLive and Let Die
Desmond LlewelynLive and Let Die
Lois MaxwellLive and Let Die
Roger MooreThe Man With The Golden Gun
Britt EklandThe Man With The Golden Gun
Maud Adams The Man With The Golden Gun
Christopher LeeThe Man With The Golden Gun
Herve VillechaizeThe Man With The Golden Gun
Richard LeeThe Man With The Golden Gun
Chan Yiu LamThe Man With The Golden Gun
Soon Taik OhThe Man With The Golden Gun
Clifton JamesThe Man With The Golden Gun
Bernard LeeThe Man With The Golden Gun
Desmond LlewelynThe Man With The Golden Gun
Lois MaxwellThe Man With The Golden Gun
Roger MooreThe Spy Who Loved Me
Barbara BachThe Spy Who Loved Me
Curt JurgensThe Spy Who Loved Me
Richard KielThe Spy Who Loved Me
Caroline MunroThe Spy Who Loved Me
Milton ReidThe Spy Who Loved Me
Nadim SawalhaThe Spy Who Loved Me
Vernon DobtcheffThe Spy Who Loved Me
Walter GotellThe Spy Who Loved Me
Bernard LeeThe Spy Who Loved Me
Desmond LlewelynThe Spy Who Loved Me
Lois MaxwellThe Spy Who Loved Me
Geoffrey KeenThe Spy Who Loved Me
Shane RimmerThe Spy Who Loved Me
Roger MooreMoonraker
Lois ChilesMoonraker
Corrinne CleryMoonraker
Emily BoltonMoonraker
Michael LonsdaleMoonraker
Richard KielMoonraker
Toshiro SugaMoonraker
Bernard LeeMoonraker
Desmond LlewelynMoonraker
Lois MaxwellMoonraker
Geoffrey KeenMoonraker
Blanche RavalecMoonraker
Walter GotellMoonraker

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