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How Many States Are There In The USA? 
How Many Continents Are There On The Planet? 
What Is The Biggest Country On The Planet? 
What Country Has The Biggest Population? 
What Asian Country Has The Biggest Gold Mine? 
What British Band Released The Album 'A Night At The Opera'? 
Which Michael Jackson Album Has Sold 51-65 Million Copies? 
What English Band Had To Stop Performing Live Because They Couldn't Hear Themselves Over Their Screaming Fans? 
What Popular Band Released The Song 'I Want To Know What Love Is'? 
What Aerosmith Album, Released In 1975, Went To Become 8x Platinum? 
What 2012 Film Made The Most Profit? 
What Is The Highest Grossing Film Ever? 
What Successful Film Series Stars Johnny Depp 
What 1980s Film Stars Dan Aykroyd And John Belushi 
What Is The Name Of The British Agent Currently Being Played By Daniel Craig? 
Where Was The 1st World Cup Held In 1930 
Where Was The 2010 World Cup Hosted? 
What Rugby Tournament Consists Of Six Countries Playing Each Other 
What Cricket Competition Is Held Between The UK And Australia? 
What's The Popular American Basketball League Called? 
What Series Consists Of SG-1, Atlantis And Universe? 
What Popular American TV Show Consists Of Two Brothers 'Finishing What Their Father Started'? 
What Business Show Is Lead By Donald Trump, In America, And Lord Alan Sugar, In The UK? 
What Show Resolves Around A Man Telling His Kids A Very Long Story? 
What Show Stars Matthew Perry And Courteney Cox? 
Which English King Got Married 6 Times? 
What Are The Initials OF The President Who Was Assassinated In His Car?  
Who Was The 1st US President? 
What Battle Did William The Conqueror Win In 1066? 
Who Came Up With The Early Ideas Of Communism? 

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