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Can you name the Deadrising 2 combo cards?

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itemsweapon madehow to get
Propane tank + NailsLeveling up
Plates + Cement sawLeveling up
Tennis racket + Tiki torchLeveling up
Vacuum + Saw bladeLeveling up
Electric guitar + AmpLeveling up
Gas + Squirt gunLeveling up
Lead pipe + Rocket fireworkLeveling up
Whiskey + NewspaperLeveling up
Broom + MacheteLeveling up
Spray paint + PylonLeveling up
Leaf blower + GemsLeveling up
Lizard mask + Fountain fireworkLeveling up
Flashlight + Computer caseLeveling up
Toy helicopter + MacheteLeveling up
Boxing gloves + Motor oilLeveling up
Wheelchair + BatteryLeveling up
Cement saw + Saw bladeLeveling up
itemsweapon madehow to get
Tiki torch + Spitball gunLeveling up
Lawn dart + TNTLeveling up
Spear + DrillLeveling up
Fire axe + SledgehammerLeveling up
Boxing gloves + Bowie knifeLeveling up
TNT + Hunk of meatLeveling up
Battery + Leaf rakeLeveling up
Leaf blower + ParasolLeveling up
Football + GrenadeLeveling up
Battery + Goblin maskLeveling up
Electric chair + Assult rifle or LMGLeveling up
Servbot mask + LawnmowerLeveling up
Beer + Construction hatLeveling up
Wheelchair + LawnmowerLeveling up
Shotgun + PitchforkLeveling up
Drill motor +PitchforkLeveling up
Training sword + Motor oilLeveling up
itemsweapon madehow to get
2x4 + LawnmowerLeveling up
Fire extinguisher + TNTLeveling up
Spear + Leaf blowerLeveling up
Bingo ball cage + BatteryLeveling up
B.F.G + AmpLeveling up
Drill + BucketLeveling up
Baseball bat + Nailsfirst time going to the maintenance room
Bow and arrow + TNTRevenginator 7
Robot bear + LMGStop Or My Bear Will Shoot!
Training sword + NailsPit Viking
Flashlight + GemsLaser Knight
Paddle + ChainsawPaddle Party Massacre
Fire extinguisher + Squirt gunDr. Brainfreeze
MMA gloves + NailsBlood Round 4
Queen + NectarSECRET
Bull skull + Motor oilPay $1,200,000 to the fortune teller outside of One Little Duck Bingo

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