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Can you name the rungs in the following word ladder?

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Popped kernels are movie staple
Center of the earth
Nat King or Old King
Katy Perry: Hot N Blank
No need for a haircut
Cinderella met her prince here
Optimistic market outlook
Ship body; also, Options, Futures and Other Derivatives author
Eric Bana, then Edward Norton go green
Mope around, feel sorry for oneself
Kelly Clarkson's life without you
Daffy or Donald
Oreos in milk
Ashton Kutcher in MTV (Present tense)
Colorful pop-rock diva
Type of tree car fresheners are usually in the shape of
Opposite over hypotenuse
Bear offspring
Wheeler the Planeteer's power
The cost of riding public transportation
Would-be muggers get sprayed by this
Y-chromosome possessor
Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's most recognizable feature
A Warsaw resident whom strippers dance around
Census or survey
Alanis: Jagged Little Blank
That which is alive with the sound of music
Lucifer's domain
Cure, often by miraculous means
Pacino-deNiro thriller
Your heart does this 70 times per minute
Angelica Pickles, Veruca Salt, e.g.
Mr. Angelina Jolie

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