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Can you name the rungs in the following word ladder?

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Cars do this on a slippery road
A really bad one would include 7AM classes
Responsible Torrent users should do this
Mary Poppins: _____ the birds!
Raven'd, Amontillado'd (?)
cummings, Frost, Maya Angelou, e.g.
Opposite of starboard
What that dusty old hat does to wizarding freshmen
Death to the French!
A point which has no point
What money is to evil
Laterally-inclined chess piece
Solid aggregate of minerals; alternatively, musical genre
Ships do it in the harbor
One rung lower than geek or nerd
Annoying prepubescent explorer
1970s! Pearl! Harbor! film!
Violently ripped apart
Painful or inflamed bruise
A real snoozer
The emperor who wore new clothes
Misery-causing, 'the ____ of my existence'
Helpful stick for old men
Three of these fit into a cylinder
Deal with the situation
Joseph Ratzinger, e.g.
Strippers dance around one
Ever dance with the devil by moonlight of this characteristic?
Glass window feature
Lunar activity besides wax
Swish-and-flick, Latin incantations
The Planeteer Linka's power
What you should do with your own business
99 of these hidden in a Windows platform game

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