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Can you name the answers to the following facts from Mean Girls?

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How many pounds does Regina want to lose?
Who got four candy canes?
What is never going to happen?
In what language is the writing on the back of a Kalteen bar?
Where does Ms. Norbury bartend a couple of nights a week?
Where do Regina George and Shane Oman hook up every Thursday?
What did Amber d'Alessio make out with?
Where is Regina George rumored to make car commercials?
When did Aaron Samuels ask Cady what date it was?
Name one of the two titles Kevin Gnapoor gives himself in his calling card.
What school does Cady Heron attend?
What did Karen Smith once ask Damien to spell?
What class did Cady miss on her second day of school?
What disability does Principal Duvall have throughout the school year?
What did Gretchen Wieners get one time at Barnes and Noble?
On which day of the week do the Plastics wear pink?
What is Janis Ian's ethnicity?
What is a carb?
What answer does Caroline Kraft give during Sudden Death?
Where does the 1/3/5 saleslady suggest Regina George buy her dress from instead?
Who choreographed the steps of Jingle Bell Rock?
What is the name of Regina George's sister?
What song was Regina George's sister dancing to?
What did Gretchen Wieners' dad invent?
What does the burn book say about Dawn Schweitzer that is now half true?
What did Aaron Samuels get the week Ms. Norbury taught limits?
Who once met Regina George on a plane, and told her she was pretty?

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