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Where did Leon famously get a BJ?
How many times did Will and Kath meet before dating?
When Frank absolutely ruined David, what was the subject?
Where did Sam famously spend a night out on MD?
Who owns the year 9 classics?
Who's mate punched another of said persons mate?
Which two friends banged the same girl within a week?
Which housemate ordered 10 bottles of water from KFC?
Who took one toke of a joint and chundered?
Which girl got so drunk she didn't make it out for her own birthday?
Which housemates got with a mother?
What causes Jack to take his top off in anger?
What was the name of the girl that the snake snaked Harry on?
What was the reason for Fuad moving to James Watson?
For what reason did Jack get into a fight with a bus driver?
What did Jake do at football trials out of the ordinary?
According to Kath what was Hannah most likely to do?
Who do we always bum?
Who goes by the motto 'Just because there's a goalkeeper doesn't mean you can't score'?
What did Jack do to almost get banned from Astoria?
What or who did Hannah think Eats Everything is/was?
Who dressed up as a girl for a Youtube video?

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