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Forced Order
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Sweet Cuppin' Cakes: 'I'll get you, Eh! Steve!, if it's the last thing I doooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!''
Teen Girl Squad: He never made out of training pants...or did he?
Pseudocharacter: Strong Bad's third computer. Has a classy start-up noise.
Teen Girl Squad: She only has her name because of the way she dresses, and the way she treats other girls.
Main character: Has 27 girlfirends.
20X6: He trains for fighting, or maybe a challenge.
Main character: 'Did you just say parakeet?' He doesn't like this movie.
Other: he looks around and does a dance.
Peasantry: The hero. Short Pants Action!
Pseudocharacter: Strong Bad's second computer. A spectacle of graphics and sound (not really).
Cheat Commandos: Action!
Cheat Commandos: But dealy!
Pseudocharacter: Strong Bad's fourth computer. So sleek, so-phisticated, so...
Other: Way cuter than that stupid ugly old washed-up The Cheat Strong Bad used to have.
Old-Timey: 'Go and soak your fat head.'
Cheat Commandos: Yellow dog!
Other: Death metal band, with members Dave Bjornborg, Dave Olafstenston, and Schenkel McDoo.
Teen Girl Squad: 'Huzzah!'
Pseudocharacter: 'Come on in heeeeere.'
20X6: He's a good bear!
Other: A cockroach. Crawls over Strong Bad's computers.
Other: The best guest rapper in music biz.
Old-Timey: 'Can you spare any mush for me?'
Pseudocharacter: Robot Strong Bad made by Bubs.
20X6: He wants to be the guy too.
Cheat Commandos: Not the most popular!
Limozeen: Vocals
Other: From foreign lands, the foreign man,
Old-Timey: The Dapper Swindler.
Main character: He likes his ointment topical, mostly. His back's not in real good condition.
Pseudocharacter: Strong Bad's first computer. Many green lines.
Cheat Commandos: Gunhaver's voice actor.
Other: 'STINY! Get me a Danish!'
Sweet Cuppin' Cakes: He exists merely to say his catchphrase, which is his name.
Other: 'Yeah, shut up, kid!'
Other: Rejected character, a nerdy know-it-all with an overbite.
Other: Homestar's mascot alter-ego. Costume made from polymascotfoamalate.
Old-Timey: Speaks in jazz-like musical notes. Seems to have an affinity for hooch.
Pseudocharacter: Marzipan's popcorn machine that 'died' fighting for the Homestarmy.
Other: A fan-favorite. Audience cheers whenever he appears.
Other: 'Don'tcha like me?'
Old-Timey: 'Look lively! LOOK LIVELY!'
Teen Girl Squad: 'BEHOLDERS!'
Peasantry: Trogdor smote it, and all was laid to burnination.
Teen Girl Squad: 'AKIHABARA!'
Limozeen: Guitar
Sweet Cuppin' Cakes: Plays the demo when he's mad.
Teen Girl Squad: 'SENTIENT NEBULAE!'
Teen Girl Squad: The girls' main tormenter.
Main character: He wants to will himself to death.
Limozeen: Drums
Old-Timey: They don't have much on his planet. Just long lines and expensive bread.
Pseudocharacter: Marzipan's guitar. Does a nice E-scale.
Old-Timey: 'It's curtains for you!'
Other: Lo-fi band that Strong Sad listens to.
Sweet Cuppin' Cakes: A cow-helicopter thing who's main goal in life is to get the Worm out of the ground.
Old-Timey: Only growls and moves his eyebrows. Always faces the screen.
Main character: Does he rule Free Country USA? No. Does he rule period? No way.
Other: 'My left name is 'Tremendous Savings', Ms. America! Go out for a pass!'
Main character:'Shake it once, shake it twice, gimme a little bit o' sugar spice.'
Other: 'I'm going to go throw up in your house!'
Main character: 'I'm off to the chinchilla protest.'
Teen Girl Squad: Smart but has no common sense.
Cheat Commandos: Stylin' coat!
Pseudocharacter: Preeow 3.0.
Main character: 'I am the very strongest. You guys are not very strong.'
Main character: He can run, and jump, and kick the fastest, highest, and like nobody's business.
Pseudocharacter: Speaker for an invisible restaurant that developed a mind of it's own. 'I've got your nostrum right here.'
Other: The prince of plain, the master of mundane.
Old-Timey: 'Let's make soup!'
Pseudocharacter: Preeow 2.0.
Other: He wants to be a quarterback!
Teen Girl Squad: The 'pity friend' member of the so-called squad.
Cheat Commandos: Leader of the enemy team. He just hates you so much.
Pseudocharacter: In all it's hangoutitude!
Main character: I guess he deserves a trophy. Meh.
Main character: He just got a crappy job.
Main character: 'My baseboards are full of chicken sticks!'
Peasantry: He was a man...I mean he was a dragon-man...or maybe he was just a dragon...but he was still...
Sweet Cuppin' Cakes: Up, down, up, down.
Cheat Commandos: Civilian contractor!
Teen Girl Squad: 'I have a crush on EVERY BOY!'
Pseudocharacter: Preeow.
Other: Always announcing.
Limozeen: Bass

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