Movies By Clue

Can you name the Movies By the Clue Given?

Clue of the MovieMovie Title
Italian Stallion Trains up a new boy who betrays him
Mel Gibson Spectacularly Directs this Controversial Religious Film
A secret agent is sent to Sydney, to find and destroy a genetically modified disease called 'Chimera'
'Stupid Fat Hobbit'
Toad Gets Fried
'Theres no place like london'
Mel Gibson + Vietnam=
'What we do in life echoes in eternity'
Italian Stallion wants another chance in the ring years later
Liam Neeson trains Orlando Bloom in Combat to save the sacred city
Prison Escape Film. IMDB's Number 1 best film ever.
Heath Ledger gets Blue inked teeth
Man all alone with his dog, tries to keep his sanity and save the world
The Conclusion to a spectacular triolgy about a man who forgot his assassin past
This Superhero is Blind
Philadelphia Fighter Takes on Mr T
Ethan Hunt gets a head bomb
'I see Dead People'
Graphic Tale of Genocide in africa, Bruce Willis
The Dead man has a Chest
A Father and Son Bond after the Mother and Brother and Killed by Daniel Craig
Liam Neeson and Christian Bale fight in this dark hero film
Tom Cruise as a samurai
Lady Deathstrike and a man with three metal blades on each hand have an epic fight
Four Soldiers set out to get allot of Gold from Kuwait
'You wana Piece of me?!' 'No i want two!'
Red Pill or Blue Pill?
Dr Octopus gets Angry
Bad CGI affects as Neo beats a load of people with a pole
The Ring is Destroyed once and for all
This Red Superhero likes cats
Brad Pitt is Achilles
A Superhero turns from red to black
Clue of the MovieMovie Title
Re-Match Between the Italian Stallion and Apollo
Man shoots his son, a lady and a old couple before realizing that he didn't actually need to do that
Jean because somewhat of a threat to the world
Filmed by a Hand Held Video camera about Aliens
A Black Horse Runs off of a Ferry
This man is framed for a botched CIA operation and has to take up his former life as a trained assasin
Sigourney weavers friends meet Arnold Schwarzeneggers Buddys for the first time
Michelle Pfieffer Paralysed in a bath tub
Orlando Bloom Falls out of the Helicopter- FAIL!
Trees Cause People to Commit Suicide
Will Smith has a metal arm
John McClane takes on an Internet-based terrorist organization who is systematically shutting down the United States
Famous Boxer Takes on a new Russian Threat
Simon Pegg is transferred to what seems to be a perfect town
Ethan Hunt uses Scriptural Reference Job 3:14 to get in contact with someone
John Travolta Stars with Denzel Washington in this film about a Train
Foil Hats help them to prevent aliens reading there minds
An undercover cop infiltrates an underworld subculture of Los Angeles street racers looking to bust a hijacking ring
Brian O'Conner and Tyrese Work to arrest a local drug exporter
Sean Boswell Moves from America to Japan and gets involved in street racing
A local Boxer gets a big time shot against Apollo Creed
Optimus Prime gets Killed
Bilbo Baggins has to give his ring away
Beutiful Sniper shot through the other snipers scope
A Golden Army Arise and this boy from hell must stop it
John Conner uses the 'Ill be Back' Line
A Village in the middle of no where uses blood across their doors to keep away the monsters
Wolverines Life is explained
Guys gets bite from a spider and gains superhero abilities
When he Gets Angry he goes Green
Four Superheros must fight together
Vin Diesal is a Stunt Master
People try to arrest Tom Cruise on a murder he is to commit in the future
This Gorilla is Massive
Clue of the MovieMovie Title
A search for a Ship in africa
The Earth weather goes bad in two days
Russel Crowe is a Commander of a Ship in the Napoleanic War
William Turner makes his first entrance
This Basketball Coach does not like Racisim
Agent loses his memory and tries to get it back
The Aliens Get killed by a cold
This Golfer has some language issues
Suped up Taxi in french
This Monk Loves Wrestling
Indian boy wins game show
'Marriage is what brings us together'
Jack Black becomes a Teacher
Superhero School gets attacked where everyone is made into babies
Hmm.. I wonder what happens if i walk through this Wardrobe
Tim Allen becomes a dog
A bunch of nasty girls have a burn book
White Girl Dancer ends up in a Black Neighbourhood
This Girl has no idea! 'Riding the Crimson Tide'
After diagnosed with a terminal illness, a shy woman takes a european vacation
Two Different Directions of life, all depends on whether Gwenyth Paltrow caught the train
A Bloke fails to leave home at a reasonable age and so his parents call the help of someone to get him out of the home
A soon to be married man encounters and exciting stanger on a plane
Jessica Alba is a sexy tough music choreographer who shakes up her life after her mentor gives her an ultimation
Girl pretends to be her mothers perfect man using an online emailing system
Anne Hathaway tries to be Miranda Priestlys assistant
Channing Tatum learns to dance
Date Doctor
Risk Assessment man falls in love with about the riskiest woman he could find
Seperated by Social Classes a Poet and a Tailor fall in love
A man is Frozen and Wakes up years later to a young elijah wood
A Drug Dealer Tries to get out of the game for his son and his Romantic interest with Michelle Pfieffer

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