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QUIZ: Can you name the Every NFL defensive 1st round pick from 2000-2014

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Team, Pick, Pos, YearAnswerCollege
Cleveland, 1st, DE, 2000Penn State
Washington, 2nd, MLB, 2000 Penn State
Philadelphia, 6th, DT, 2000FSU
Chicago, 9th, MLB, 2000New Mexico
NY Jets, 12th, DE, 2000Tennessee
NY Jets, 13th, DE, 2000South Carolina
Denver, 15th, CB, 2000California
San Francisco, 16th, OLB, 2000Michigan State
Carolina, 23rd, CB, 2000Jackson State
San Francisco, 24th, CB, 2000Ohio State
Minnesota, 25th, DT, 2000Boston College
Buffalo, 26th, DE, 2000Arizona State
Indianapolis, 28th, MLB, 2000BYU
Tennessee, 30th, MLB, 2000Syracuse
Cleveland, 3rd, DT, 2001Florida
Cincinnati, 4th. DE, 2001Missouri
New England, 6th, DE, 2001Georgia
San Francisco, 7th, DE, 2001California
Green Bay, 10th, DE, 2001FSU
Carolina, 11th, MLB, 2001Miami
St Louis, 12th, DT, 2001Miami
Jacksonville, 13rd, DT, 2001Georgia
Pittsburgh, 19th, DT, 2001Texas
St Louis, 20th, S, 2001Arizona State
Buffalo, 21st, CB, 2001Ohio State
NY Giants, 22nd, S, 2001Dwight Freeney
Denver, 24th, CB, 2001Minnesota
Miami, 26th CB, 2001Wisconsin
Oakland, 28th, S, 2001FSU
St Louis, 30th, DT, 2001Ohio State
Carolina, 2nd, DE, 2002North Carolina
San Diego, 5th, CB, 2002Texas
Kansas City, 6th, DT, 2002North Carolina
Dallas, 8th, S, 2002Oklahoma
Jacksonville, 9th, DT, 2002Tennessee
Indianapolis, 11th, DE, 2002Syracuse
Arizona, 12th, DT, 2002Wisconsin
Tennessee, 15th, DT, 2002Tennessee
Oakland, 17th, CB, 2002Miami
NY Jets, 22nd, DE, 2002UAB
Oakland, 23rd, MLB, 2002Northwestern
Baltimore, 24th, S, 2002Miami
New Orleans, 25th, DE, 2002Georgia
Philadelphia, 26th, CB, 2002Florida
San Francisco, 27th, CB, 2002Miami
St Louis, 31st, OLB, 2002UCLA
NY Jets, 4th, DT, 2003Kentucky
Dallas, 5th, CB, 2003Kansas State
New Orleans, 6th, DT, 2003Georgia
Minnesota, 9th, DT, 2003Oklahoma State
Baltimore, 10th, OLB, 2003Arizona State
Seattle, 11th, CB, 2003Washington State
St Louis, 12th, DT, 2003Penn State
New England, 13th, DT, 2003Texas A&M
Chicago, 14th, DE, 2003Penn State
Philadelphia, 15th, DE, 2003Miami
Pittsburgh, 16th, S, 2003USC
Arizona, 18th, DE, 2003Wake Forest
NY Giants, 25th, DT, 2003Miami
Tennessee, 28th, CB, 2003Oklahoma
Green Bay, 29th, MLB, 2003 Oregon State
San Diego, 30th, CB, 2003Texas A&M
Oakland, 31st, CB, 2003California
Oakland, 32nd, DE, 2003Colorado
Washington, 5th, S, 2004Miami
Atlanta, 8th, CB, 2004Virginia Tech
Houston, 10th, CB, 2004South Carolina
NY Jets, 12th, MLB, 2004Miami
Chicago, 14th, DT, 2004Oklahoma
Denver, 17th, MLB, 2004Miami
New Orleans, 18th, DE, 2004Ohio State
Minnesota, 20th, DE, 2004 USC
New England, 21st, DT, 2004Miami
Seattle, 23rd, DT, 2004Texas
Green Bay, 25th, CB, 2004Arkansas
Houston, 27th, OLB, 2004Western Michigan
Carolina, 28th, CB, 2004Ohio State
Tennessee, 6th, CB, 2005WVU
Arizona, 8th, S, 2005Miami
Washington, 9th, CB, 2005Auburn
Dallas, 11th, OLB, 2005Troy
Team, Pick, Pos, YearAnswerCollege
San Diego, 12th, OLB, 2005Maryland
Carolina, 14th, OLB, 2005Georgia
Kansas City, 15th, MLB, 2005Texas
Houston, 16th, DT, 2005FSU
Cincinnati, 17th, OLB, 2005Georgia
Minnesota, 18th, DE, 2005Wisconsin
Dallas, 20th, DE, 2005LSU
Oakland, 23rd, CB, 2005Nebraska
San Diego, 28th, DE, 2005Northwestern
Indianapolis, 29th, CB, 2005Michigan
Philadelphia, 31st, DT, 2005USC
Houston, 1st, DE, 2006North Carolina State
Green Bay, 5th, MLB, 2006Ohio State
Oakland, 7th, S, 2006Texas
Buffalo, 8th, S, 2006Ohio State
Detroit, 9th, MLB, 2006FSU
Baltimore, 12th, DT, 2006Oregon
Cleveland, 13th, DE, 2006FSU
Philadelphia, 14th, DT, 2006FSU
St Louis, 15th, CB, 2006Clemson
Miami, 16th, S, 2006Tennessee
Minnesota, 17th, OLB, 2006Iowa
Dallas, 18th, MLB, 2006Ohio State
San Diego, 19th, CB, 2006FSU
Kansas City, 20th, DE, 2006Penn State
San Francisco, 22nd, DE, 2006North Carolina State
Cincinnati, 24th, CB, 2006South Carolina
Buffalo, 26th, DT, 2006North Carolina State
Seattle, 31st, CB, 2006Miami
NY Giants, 32nd. DE, 2006Boston College
Tampa Bay, 4th, DE, 2007Clemson
Washington, 6th, S, 2007LSU
Atlanta, 8th, DE, 2007Arkansas
Houston, 10th, DT, 2007 Louisville
San Francisco, 11th, MLB, 2007Ole Miss
St Louis, 13th, DE, 2007Nebraska
NY Jerts, 14th, CB, 2007Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, 15th, MLB, 2007FSU
Green Bay, 16th, DT, 2007Tennessee
Denver, 17th, DE, 2007Florida
Cincinnati, 18th, CB, 2007Michigan
Tennessee, 19th, S, 2007Texas
NY Giants, 20th, S, 2007Texas
Jacksonville, 21st, S, 2007Florida
New England, 24th, S, 2007Miami
Carolina, 25th, MLB, 2007Miami
Dallas, 26th, OLB, 2007Purdue
St Louis, 2nd, DE, 2008Virginia
Kansas City, 5th, DT, 2008LSU
NY Jets, 6th, OLB, 2008Ohio State
New Orleans, 7th, DT, 2008USC
Jacksonville, 8th, DE, 2008Florida
Cincinnati, 9th, MLB, 2008USC
New England, 10th, MLB, 2008Tennessee
Buffalo, 11th, CB, 2008Troy
Arizona, 16th, CB, 2008Tennessee State
Tampa Bay, 20th, CB, 2008Kansas
Dallas, 25th, CB, 2008USF
San Diego, 27th, CB, 2008Arizona
Seattle, 28th, DE, 2008USC
San Francisco, 29th, DT, 2008North Carolina
NY Giants, 31st, S, 2008Miami
Kansas City, 3rd, DE, 2009LSU
Seattle, 4th, OLB, 2009Wake Forest
Green Bay, 9th, DT, 2009Boston College
Buffalo, 11th, OLB, 2009Penn State
Washington, 13th, OLB, 2009Texas
New Orleans, 14th, S, 2009Ohio State
Houston, 15th, MLB, 2009USC
San Diego, 16th, OLB, 2009Northern Illinois
Denver, 18th, OLB, 2009Tennessee
Atlanta, 24th, DT, 2009Ole Miss
Miami, 25th, CB, 2009Illinois
Green Bay, 26th, OLB, 2009USC
Pittsburgh, 32nd, DE, 2009Missouri
Detroit, 2nd, DT, 2010Nebraska
Tampa Bay, 3rd, DT, 2010Oklahoma
Kansas City, 5th, S, 2010Tennessee
Cleveland, 7th, CB, 2010Florida
Oakland, 8th, MLB, 2010Alabama
Jacksonville, 10th, DT, 2010California
Team, Pick, Pos, YearAnswerCollege
Philadelphia, 13th, DE, 2010Michigan
Seattle, 14th, S, 2010Texas
NY Giants, 15th DE, 2010USF
Tennessee 16th, DE, 2010Georgia Tech
Atlanta, 19th, MLB, 2010Missouri
Houston, 20th, CB, 2010Alabama
Arizona, 26th, DT, 2010Tennessee
New England, 27th, CB, 2010Rutgers
Miami, 28th, DE, 2010Penn State
NY Jets, 29th, CB, 2010Boise State
Indianapolis, 31st, DE, 2010TCU
New Orleans, 32nd, CB, 2010FSU
Denver, 2nd, OLB, 2011Texas A&M
Buffalo, 3rd, DT, 2011Alabama
Arizona, 5th, CB, 2011LSU
San Francisco, 7th, OLB, 2011Missouri
Houston, 11th, DE, 2011Wisconsin
Detroit, 13th, DT, 2011Auburn
St Louis, 14th, DE, 2011North Carolina
Washington, 16th, DE, 2011Purdue
San Diego, 18th, DT, 2011 Illinois
NY Giants, 19th, CB, 2011Nebraska
Tampa Bay, 20th, DE, 2011Iowa
Cleveland, 21st, DT, 2011Baylor
New Orleans, 24th, DE, 2011California
Baltimore, 27th, CB, 2011Colorado
NY Jets, 30th, DE, 2011Temple
Pittsburgh, 31st, DE, 2011Ohio State
Dallas, 6th, CB, 2012LSU
Tampa Bay, 7th, S, 2012Alabama
Carolina, 9th, MLB, 2012Boston College
Buffalo, 10th, CB, 2012South Carolina
Kansas City, 11th, DT, 2012Memphis
Philadelphia, 12th, DT, 2012Mississippi State
St Louis, 14th, DT, 2012LSU
Seattle, 15th, DE, 2012WVU
NY Jets, 16th, OLB, 2012North Carolina
Cincinnati, 17th, CB, 2012Alabama
San Diego, 18th, OLB, 2012South Carolina
Chicago, 19th, OLB, 2012Boise State
New England, 21st, DE, 2012Syracuse
New England, 25th, MLB, 2012Alabama
Houston, 26th, OLB, 2012Illinois
Green Bay, 28th, OLB, 2012USC
Minnesota, 29th, S, 2012Notre Dame
Miami, 3rd, OLB, 2013Oregon
Detroit, 5th, DE, 2013BYU
Cleveland, 6th, OLB, 2013LSU
NY Jets, 9th, CB, 2013Alabama
Oakland, 12th, CB, 2013Houston
NY Jets, 13th, DT, 2013Missouri
Carolina, 14th, DT, 2013Utah
New Orleans, 15th, S, 2013Texas
Pittsburgh, 17th, OLB, 2013Georgia
San Francisco, 18th, S, 2013LSU
Atlanta, 22nd, CB, 2013Washington
Minnesota, 23rd, DT, 2013Florida
Indianapolis, 24th, DE, 2013FSU
Minnesota, 25th, CB, 2013FSU
Green Bay, 26th, DE, 2013 UCLA
Denver, 28th, DT, 2013North Carolina
St Louis, 30th, MLB, 2013Georgia
Baltimore, 32nd, S, 2013Florida
Houston, 1st, DE, 2014 South Carolina
Oakland, 5th, OLB, 2014Buffalo
Cleveland, 8th, CB, 2014Oklahoma State
Minnesota, 9th, OLB, 2014UCLA
St Louis, 13th, DT, 2014Pittsburgh
Chicago, 14th, CB, 2014Virginia Tech
Pittsburgh, 15th, MLB, 2014Ohio State
Baltimore, 17th, MLB, 2014Alabama
NY Jets, 18th, S, 2014Louisville
Green Bay, 21st, S, 2014Alabama
Kansas City, 23rd, OLB, 2014Auburn
Cincinnati, 24th, CB, 2014Michigan State
San Diego, 25th, CB, 2014TCU
Philadelphia, 26th, DE, 2014Louisville
Arizona, 27th, S, 2014Washington State
New England, 29th, DE, 2014Florida
San Francisco, 30th, S, 2014Northern Illinois
Denver, 31st, CB, 2014Ohio State

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