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Can you name the 4-letter words in this word ladder celebrating the work of actor Steve Buscemi?

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Clue4-Letter WordRung
Buscemi's 'Fargo' character1
Twist hair into ringlets2
Fishing aid4
Buscemi's character in Rung 95
Facebook thumbs-up6
Hosted in 1998: 'Saturday Night ____'7
2007 film: 'I Think I ____ My Wife'8
1989 TV Miniseries: 'Lonesome ____'9
Wow, such furry meme10
1992 film: 'Reservoir ____'11
Johnson, Corleone, and King12
Car body imperfection14
1990 film: '____ of New [Rung 27]'15
Bend in a wire16
1991 film: 'Barton ____'17
Music genre18
Music genre19
Buscemi's Rung 11 character, Mr. ____20
Buscemi's character in 'Miller's Crossing'21
Mr. Jagger22
Mr. James23
TV series: '30 ____' (guest star)24
Where ships are loaded, unloaded, and repaired25
Clue4-Letter WordRung
1990 film: '[Rung 15] of New ____'27
Time past28
Member of the UK Conservative Party30
Buscemi's 'Sopranos' character31
Add color to33
Aid to solving a puzzle34
Look for wild game or treasure35
Actor John or William36
2013 film: 'The Incredible ____ Wonderstone'37
Ernie's roommate38
Area designated for police patrol39
Drop of sweat or necklace component40
1995 film: 'Things To Do In Denver When You're ____'41
Letter opener42
Enjoy a novel44
2012 film: 'On the ____'45
Egg on46
Element with symbol Au47
Frigid adjective48
Like many college residence halls49
Brothers who directed and produced several of Buscemi's films50

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