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QUIZ: Can you answer these questions pertaining to the city of Detroit?

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This entrepreneur's Model T automobile made a profound impact on transportation. 
In June 1963, this Civil Rights leader gave a speech in Detroit that was remarkably similar to his 'I Have a Dream' speech given two months later. 
The Siege of Detroit occurred in which war? 
This union leader was last seen outside a suburban Detroit restaurant before his disappearance in 1975. 
The Detroit Institute of Art hosts a twenty-seven piece mural by this famed Mexican painter. 
This music style, pioneered in Detroit, can be described as soul with pop influence. 
'Seven Nation Army' and 'Icky Thump' are hits by this group, formed in Detroit. 
This 'Bawitdaba' and 'All Summer Long' singer was popular on the Detroit rap scene before hitting it big. 
This band recorded 'Detroit Rock City' after a fan was killed in an auto accident outside one of their concerts. 
Before recording 'Respect', this singer was performing gospel solos at New Bethel Baptist Church. 
The film '8 Mile' stars this rapper and is loosely based on his life. 
This 1987 Paul Verhoeven film is set in a crime-ridden Detroit of the near future. 
Despite its name, the main character of this 1984 film is a police officer from Detroit. 
Viewers of this 2008 film set in Detroit know to stay off Clint Eastwood's lawn. 
This Oscar-winning director of the 'Godfather' trilogy was born in Detroit. 
Hall of Fame inductees from this team include Ty Cobb, Sparky Anderson, and Al Kaline. 
This Detroit native was a boxer who later had a sports arena named after him. 
Name a year in which the Detroit Pistons won an NBA Championship. 
Formerly known as the 'Portsmouth Spartans', this team plays home games at Ford Field. 
The Detroit Red Wings last won this trophy in 2008. 
Detroit is the largest city in this US state. 
The Detroit River links Detroit to which Great Lake? 
The Ambassador Bridge connects Detroit to this Canadian city. 
Per the 2015 census, Detroit is the ___ most-populous US city. 
This beautiful island in the Detroit River is home to an aquarium, a zoo, and a conservatory. 
48222 is the only floating one of these in the US. 
Detroit is the #1 consumer of this crunchy, salty snack. 
Hudson's in Detroit was the first US department store to use this cooling technology. 
In 1980, the key to the city was given to this Iraqi leader.  
This Sesame Street character was also given a key to the city. 

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