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QUIZ: Can you name the Gravity Falls Characters?

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'...And this is in case you see a pinata.'Person
Soos' arch enemyPerson
'Will you fulfil one last wish of mine...and play that CD?'Creature
'And you- I always forget your name.'Creature
'Then I learned how to operate a stick shift with my beard.'Person
'We're going to go back for sunscreen!'Person
'Okay, Guys, just...before we leave, my mom says you can't punch the roof of the car anymore.'Person
'It looks like we got ourselves a crazy old man.'Person
'There's a wizard in the closet, isn't there?!!'Person
'Are there any pink balloons left?'Person
'I can see that you've been here before.'Person
'I may sneak up here every once in a while during work...every day, all the time.'Person
Only says his name.Creature
Barfs rainbows.Creature
'Kids, I can't find the remote and I refuse to stand up.'Person
Upset by Stans marriage joke.Person
'Stan, I'm going to need that painting back'Person
'I love cavorting...that deserves a hug!'Animal
'Do you have this in a different animal?'Person
'We were so shocked that we were struck with double heart attacks'Ghost
'Say hello, Mr. Catface.'Person
'Quit scaring away my customers.'Person
'This is how you fish!'Person
'Do you know any funny little dances?'Ghost
His name suits his facial hair perfectly.Creature
'Sweety, there is burning question I want to ask you.'Person
'Okay, so I can't get in, but a nine year old is going to bust the door down like Hercules.'Person
'Are you going to finish that beef jerky?'Creature
'Why, yes...this is a turkey baster.'Person
'We have been cursed to come alive every night.'Monster
Chews on Mable's sweater.Animal
'Hey, that's my ear.'Monster
Possibly a werewolfPerson?
Weighs 15 poundsAnimal

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