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Forced Order
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'Yes .. he's home' ('Then why can't I see him' says Mr. Hale) ''Cause he's dead.' .. 'He died of a rope round his neck'
'Here's a bird-cage,' she said. 'Did she have a bird, Mrs. Hale?'
Who is this about: 'He didn't drink, and kept his word as well as most, I guess, and paid his debts. But he was a hard man, Mrs. Peters. Just to pass the time of day with him--.' .
'My, it's a good thing the men couldn't hear us. Wouldn't they just laugh! Getting all stirred up over a little thing like a - dead canary. As if that could have anything to do wit
She had met Mrs. Peters the year before at the county fair, and the thing she remembered about her was that she didn't seem like a sheriff's wife. She was small and thin and didn't
'Women are used to worrying over trifles'
Author 'A Jury of Her Peers' 1916
'No, Wright wouldn't like the bird - a thing that sang. She used to sing. He killed that, too'

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