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I was a terror since the public school era...bathroom, classes, butts
smoking blunts was a daily routine, since 13, a a fat man
i used to have to tre' duce, and the duce, duce gum
now i got the mack in my
lounging black, smoking sacs
and the sidekicks, with my sidekicks nice sneakers
honeys wanna chat, but all they wanna know is whereyo where dat party at
and can i bring my gat, if not i hope i dont getbang
but i throw my vest abs
kuzz thes **** is a clean
it dont take notin butbacking
for me to end something
buggin, and barking at **** like..bye bye ducky
dumbing out jus me and my crew, kuzz....i wanna
party and bs
hugs from the honeys, pounds from the
see my man sei that i
said he sai beef, asked me if imy gun
sure do222 shoe
holler if you need me love, im in the casa
roaming and strolling, see what the ladies all like
moet poppinghopping on what?
aint no stoping big poppa, im a good boy
**** wanna front, who got yourfront
**** wanna flex, who got thegun
it aint hard to tell im the easty overdose
**** your scared, yourpropechy
**** i told ya, putahhhh
in your heart, **** up the yayyyy
before it evenbefore you finish
pissy drund, off the henry andthings
or some brand-nubian **** beatin down
and party andbs
bitches in the back looking
in a you look good
i think i might just hit her with a little 101
how to tote a gun and ave fun withrasta man
conversations, blunts incircle
my man big jaques got the glock in hisdayyum
and were smoking, drinking, got the hooker hmmmm
if money smell bad then this **** biggiesmells
is it my charm, got the hookers eating out hand
she grabbed my arm and said '.....'without a problem
im hitting skins again, rolled up another bluntgirls like to do this
a heineken, **** start to loke out, a kid gotlack of air
blows was thrown and a **** fightpimples
.. cant we all just get along, so i can putkisses leave a mark
on her chest like lil' shawn, get her pissyhangover
off of don perringnon, and its on and imbye bye
thats that, party andbs

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