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CluePhraseFun Facts
not even the smallest amount
containing mistakes
reference to uncivil people
refers to the art of matrimony
reference to an anesthetic
2 words: one is a synonym to yes, the other a synonym to town
usually stated after insulting someone
can be stated in a series of hand signals
refers to the postal service
offensive statement about child abuse
said when supper is ready, but slightly twisted
refers to an old drug store in alexis
can't possibly be true
CluePhraseFun Facts
often stated in commercials attempting to sell their product through scientific facts
refers to the need of proper attire during organized sporting events
a fumble in football caused this exclamation
a statement or idea is in question
for centuries this has beenone of the most popular ways of obtaining knowledge
way to get past an intimadating obstacle
Dodgeball quote- questionable tactics
expressing strong support of something
reference to Larry Platt's american idol performance
reference to the county containing the capital of Illinois
having no relevance to the situation at hand
song by the red hot chili peppers-snow

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