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QUIZ: Can you name the Tokyo Ghoul Characters by their other names?

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Forced Order No Skip
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CharacterNameExtra Info
 Main Character
 Anteiku's Rabbit
 Touka's Uncle
 13-14 years old
 Hinami's Mother
 Anteiku's Owner
 Crushed by steel beam
 Wants to eat Kaneki
 Leader of Aogiri Tree
 Aogiri's Rabbit and Touka's Brother
 Eto's right hand
 Eto's left hand
 Kaneki's Torturer
 Yamori's 'Brother'
CharacterNameExtra Info
 Turned Kaneki into a half ghoul
 aka Quinque Hunter
 Originally Rank 2 Investigator
 Loves Shuu
 Likes Photography
 Pacifist ghoul
 One eyes made by Kanou before Kaneki
 Raised Juuzou as a Scrapper
 Likes men's testicles as food
 Crushed Rize and current Bureau Director
 Mask Maker
 Friends of Uta and Yomo
 Previous Anteiku Waitress
 A Washuu
 Remaining Washuu
 Washuu before Furuta
 Special Class Investigator
CharacterNameExtra Info
 First Class Investigator
 Rank 1 Investigator
 Leader of Quinx Squad
 Special Class Investigator
 Special Class Investigator / Crippled
 Killed Tataras Brother/ Special Class
 Special Class/ VP of Squad 0
 Special Class Investigator/ One Arm
 Special Class/ Chief of Division II
 Special Class/almost kills Koma
 Associate Special Class/almost kills Irimi
 Rank 1 Investigator/Leads Q's
 Associate Special Class/ Furutas first Partner
 Rank 1 Invesitgator/ Helps Kaneki escape Cochlea
 First Class Investigator/ Ui's partner
 Rank 1 Invesitgator
 Rank 2 Investigator
 Rank 3 Investigator in Q's
 Rank 1 Investigator
 Rank 3 Investigator
 Eto's Secret Identity

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