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datacountryin case you wanted to know
pound, Anglican, coal, isle of manyorkies, bangers and mash
1992, dairy, Tallinn, Molotov-Ribbentropnot louisiana, paris, france or rome!
Encarnacion, Guarani, 1811, forestry'Encarnacion!' recuerdes Jack Black?
Celebes Sea, Dewey, Japanese occupation, pesoSalamat!
Third Republic, desertification, Niamey, landlockedneeds some help
Kuala Belait, sultanate, high GDP, Muslimand amazing water parks
new dong, Gulf of Tonkin, France, Haiphongget tough, get Tonkin that's what I say
Tropic of Cancer, fish, Muslim, Nouakchotti'll give you cudows if you find this one on the map
syncretic, Southern Rhodesia, parliament, Englishif you know what syncretic means, you're smarter than me
Medellin, peso, 1810, coffeeno i didn't mention drug cartels
queen, Lutheran, krone, Odenseoh yes and a small island near canada
datacountryin case you wanted to know
1580, urban, Andes, Tierra Del Fuegoand gauchos and REALLY good steak
cocoa, tuna, 1978, Honiarano, the kings does not have 47 wives and concubines
Australian dollar, Gilbert Islands, Tarawa, phosphatewhich is pronouced 'Kzbagskis' or something
Germany, US dollar, Koror, tourismSteph and Bobby John?
1625, commonwealth, high standard of living, BridgetownJack Sparrow?
gold and silver, 1838, Roman Catholic, Managuaand one great season of survivor
sugar beets, humanitarian, UN, Rennesje voudrais mangers du chat
motor vehicles, grain, Huron, Pikes Peakgood 'ol yankee doodle
17000+islands, cassava, Borneo, Sumatraand curry
uk, 1966, Indian, New Amsterdam'old new york, was once new Amsterdam'

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