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QUIZ: Can you name the Legend of Drizzt Ladder?

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Main character
Who's older brother is
Who killed his brother
During the fall of
Who's only drow hier alive is
Who became a male in House
Who's Matron Mother is
Who's wizard son is
Who summons a panther named
Who became a companion of
Who also allied a gnome named
And a hook horror named
Who was once a
But killed by the spirit wraith of
Weapons master of House
Who's Matron Mother is
Who was killed by her daughter
Who died when House Do'Urden was attacked by House
Which is the first house in
A city in the
Where the god____took them to to save them from the elves
BONUS: Who is the name of the ranger from Sundabar that searches for Drizzt in Sojourn

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