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QUIZ: Can you name the The Ultimate Walking Dead Quiz (Season 1)?

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Which character awakes from a coma?
What two people does Rick meet?
What is the 'name' of the first Walker Rick kills?
What does Rick get trapped in?
Who talks to Rick on the Walkie-Talkie?
Who points a gun at Rick when he first enters the Atlanta building?
Who gets handcuffed to the Atlanta building rooftop?
Who drops the key to handcuffs that Merle was in?
What type of lock does T-Dog lock the door with?
What is the color of the car Glenn uses to get back to the camp?
How many bullets does Shane give Rick when Rick, Glenn, T-Dog, and Daryl return for Merle?
Who does Shane repeatedly punch in the face?
How does Merle escape the rooftop?
When Rick, Glenn, T-Dog, and Daryl get to the roof top, what do they find?
While going to retrieve the bag of guns, which character gets captured?
What is the name of the group that captured this character?
While trying to capture this character, Daryl shoots one of the Vatos with an arrow, who is this?
Daryl was also to capture one of the Vatos, what is this persons name?
Who is the leader of the Vatos?
On their way back to the van they took to Atlanta, it is missing. Who do they suspect took it?
When the group gets back to the campsite, it is overrun with walkers. Which character is bit in the neck and forearm?
The next day, Jim reveals a bite mark on his stomach. Who trys to kill him with a pick axe?
To try to save Jim, where does Rick suggest going?
On the way to this place, who is left on the side of the road to turn?
When they get their, Rick sees the camera move. What does he scream into it?
What is the first thing they have to do when they enter the CDC?
What is the name of the only person left of the CDC
What is the name of the test subject Jenner was working on?
The CDC is going to explode and Jenner lets them out of the computer room. Besides Jenner, which other character decides to stay?
When the rest of the group gets to the front doors. They are locked. How do they get out?

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