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Passed Babe Ruth's homerun record
First black Model of cover of Fashion Magazine (Vogue)
Famous sportscasting station is introduced
Tragedy at this band's concert leads to 11 deaths
Famous company that supplies software all over the world today is founded
The Beatle's last album is released
The suicide and Murder of 900 people who drank cyanide in fruit flavored drink, the leader killed himself
The foundation of all computers, or just about anything electric is introduced
in stockholm Sweden this lady is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her saint like ways
A machine is invented that maps the brain and other parts of the body
Leader of a bizarre cult that was responsible for the death of several people, including actress Sharon Tate and her unborn baby
world's tallest building is built in Chicago and stands at 1454 feet tall.
This city permits gambling for the first time
won seven gold medals in the olympics of 1972 in swimming
On Nov. 3, a group of Klu Klux Klan members and American Nazi party members attacked a group of Communist Worker's Party members who were gathered for a demonstration that was spea

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