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These are our main characters
The girls the main characters are trying to get with
Police officers
The name Fogell would have chosen on the fake ID after McLovin
The song that Evan sings when he is mistaken for Billy's cousin
This description of a criminal causes some confusion for the police officers
This is the amount of money Seth is offered after bing hit by a car
The Disney character Fogell looks like while wearing his vest
The girly drink Evan must buy
College Fogell and Evan will be attending
Place where Evan's clothes come from, according to Seth
This is the reason Seth hates Becca
The age on Fogell's fake ID
The dessert that Seth makes with Jules
Evan's home ec partner
The reason for Greg's infamy
This kid sits alone at lunch
This is what Slater and 'McLovin' have in common
This person spits on Seth and doesn't invite him to his grad party
The number Fogell blows on the breathalizer
Type of alcohol Seth smuggles out in laundrey detergent containers

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