Athletes Mentioned by the Simpsons

Can you name the Athletes Mentioned by the Simpsons?

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'Big Bird in China? Won't Grover get lonely? ... Oh, no, wait, he's hanging out with ___' 
'Tonight, the Clipper and the stripper, a (baseball player), and did ___ shoot Flipper?' 
'Tonight, the Clipper and the stripper, a ___, and did (baseball player) shoot Flipper?' 
'These great men knew The Answer: St. Peter, Charlemagne, ___' 
'The year was 1588, four hundred years before ___ would hit his famous home run.' 
'Hall of Famer ___ now on the field pleading with the crowd for... for some kind of sanity. Uh-oh, and a barrage of pretzels now knocking ___ unconscious.' 
'Teamwork is overrated. Think about it. I mean, what team was ___ on? Who knows.' 
'Here's a book called Chicken Soup for the Loser that gave ___ the courage to open a chain of laundromats.' 
'I've decided to bring in a few ringers, professional baseballers. We'll give them token jobs at the plant and have them play on our softball team. ___, (baseball player), (baseball player)...' 
'I've decided to bring in a few ringers, professional baseballers. We'll give them token jobs at the plant and have them play on our softball team. (baseball player), ___, (baseball player)...' 
'I've decided to bring in a few ringers, professional baseballers. We'll give them token jobs at the plant and have them play on our softball team. (baseball player), (baseball player), ___...' 
'And now let's welcome the Leroy Neiman of seamen: your captain, Montgomery Burns!' ' 10-4, good buddy!' 'I'm Chevy Chase and you're not!' '___!' 
'Well, I lost the rest investing in a Broadway musical based on the real life story of ___, the midget who had one big league at-bat.' 
'Do you have a question for ___?' 'Yes. Mr. ___, don't you think Flanders is a big jerk?' 
'Children, I'm proud of you. Most of our students didn't bother to show up on this last day before Christmas Break, but you've kept intact my ___-like streak of school openage.' 
'I'm the luckiest man in the world, now that ___'s dead.' 
'Don't worry, son. I'm sure he's up in heaven right now, laughing it up with all the other celebrities...John Dillinger, ___, Joseph Stalin...I wish I were dead.' 
'For your boy, a confectioners card featuring a current baseballer. It's that rookie from the New York nine.' '___!' 'Yes, it seems they've started letting ethnics into the big leagues.' 
'OK Milhouse, I'll trade your ___ baseball card for my (baseball player).' 
'OK Milhouse, I'll trade your (baseball player) baseball card for my ___.' 
'Next on the trading block, your ___, 1958 for my...picture of Homer on the couch.' 
'I'm ___ of the Montreal Expos!' 'And I'm (baseball player) of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays!' 
'I'm (baseball player) of the Montreal Expos!' 'And I'm ___ of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays!' 
'C'mon Marge, all sports have their lovable clowns: ___, (football player), Dorf.' 
'You know, Smithers, when I was a young buck, my patented fadeaway pitch was compared by many to the “trouble ball” of the great ___.' 
'Mom, I can't find anything on Sacagawea; just a couple of books on ___.' 
'...Swung on and missed, strike three, of course. Damnation, these banjos couldn't carry ___'s glove.' 
'Le Cirque de Pureé, we've had tickets since Septembre.' 'But I want to watch ___' 
'Don't worry Mrs. Simpson we've helped hundreds of people in danger. We'll give you a new name, a new job, new identity.' 'Oooh, I want to be ___.'  
(Homer watching 'Football's Greatest Injuries') 'Homer, could you turn off the TV? There's a little test I want you to take.' 'Oh great, you made me miss ___.' 
'___, swaggering off the field, his sideburns an apogee of sculpted sartorium -- the foppish follicles pioneered by Ambrose Burnside, Appomattox 1865.' 
'Look at them sideburns! He looks like a girl. Now, ___ -- there's a haircut you could set your watch to.' 
'After 16 glorious seasons, the Green Bay faithful bid fairwell to ___.' 'Bart!' 'Bart!' 'Bart!' 
'Oh, Doctor! A 98-yard triple-reverse ties the score at 63-63! We have seen nothing but razzle-dazzle here today, three visits from Morganna the Kissing Bandit, and the surprising return of ___!' 
'C'mon Marge, all sports have their lovable clowns: (baseball player), ___, Dorf.' 
'I'll take any test you want. Eye test, pap test, memory test, memory test, ___, Ferarri Testerossa.' 
'Bye Weeks. ___ didn't get no bye weeks, and now he's dead!. Well, maybe they're a good thing.' 
'Okay, here's your precious articles. Thanks Marge, I can't wait to read about sport fishing with ___. (Homer moans) What man would want you now?' 
'...That's why this is the only mop endorsed by me, former NFL draft pick ___.' 
'This is Texas, future home of ___, and I've got dreams as big as he will be. 
'It was the go-go '90s...and I was partying with Newt Gingrich, Janeane Garofalo and ___.' 
'Well, folks, that's the end of Krusty's nondenominational holiday funfest. I want to thank my guests: Téa Leoni, Beck, The Dixie Chicks, and ___ as the genie.' 
(A very tall Homer walks along the sidewalk. His long coat opens to reveal that he is standing on Bart's shoulders, who is in turn standing on Milhouse's shoulders.) 'Hello, I'm ___. Let us in, please.' 
'My dad is such a jerk. I want a baby brother, and he said no.' 'Maybe you could trick your parents into making a baby the way my mom nearly tricked ___.' 
'Wow, there's Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking, Paul McCartney, ___, (figure skater)...' 'They must be starting a new civilization on Mars with our best and brightest.' 
'I've never seen this before, Marge Simpson is trying to re-start a stone...she did it! She pulled off an impossible move; just like the time I shaved off ___'s mustache while he was napping.' 
'I can cut a trail through this snow. I'm part eskimo.' 'I don't care if you're ___. No one leaves the building.' 'This stinks! We'll miss the Itchy & Scratchy where they finally kiss.' 'I don't care if they're kissing ___ -- you're not going home.' 
'___ is king of the soccer field. To be king of your kitchen, use Crestfield wax paper.' 
'You know, I've done a lot of exciting things in my life: I went down Mt. Everest on a boogieboard, climed Niagara Falls, and just last month I knocked out ___.' 
'Strap on your skates ___, you're going in.' (This player's career statistics are shown at the end of the episode.) 
'There's no way I can beat this girl, she's the ___ of the pageant circuit.' 'Oh, I don't know that she's as attractive as ___.' 
'Welcome back to Great Moments in Olympic History. At the 1936 Berlin Games, ___ humiliates Adolf Hitler by outracing his zeppelin.' 
'Name me one person who's gotten rich by doing yo-yo tricks!' 'Donald Trump? ... No. ___? ... No. Bill Cosby! ... No. D'oh!' 
'Wow, there's Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking, Paul McCartney, (basketball player), ___...' 'They must be starting a new civilization on Mars with our best and brightest.' 
'All that counts is we're alive and rubbing elbows with the greats. Oooh, there's Ross Perot, Dr. Laura, Spike Lee...' 'Wait a minute they're not so great.' 'Okay, but there's Dan Quayle, Courtney Love, ___, Al Sharpton...Aaah, Tom Arnold! What the hell's going on?' 
'Man, I've got more trophies than ___ and the pope combined.' 
'(Dr. Hibbert laughing,) She has the reflexes of a young ___' 
'1968, Mexico City, ___ shatters the world long-jump record' 
'Every week we have to buy something else to save that transforming clown that morphs. I want you to watch a show that isn't just one long commercial.' '___ lines up the putt, this is for par and a share of 6th place.' 'Mom, we need a Calloway titanium perimeter-weighted driver!' 

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