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Can you name the movies that grossed at least $150 million but never hit #1 at the box office?

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GrossMovieNotable (Year)
$241,438,208Nia Vardalos (2002)
$219,614,612Jason Lee (2009)
$217,326,974Jason Lee (2007)
$209,028,679Robert Downey Jr. (2009)
$196,573,705Ray Romano* (2009)
$189,224428Brad Pitt (2013)
$186,740,799Jake Gyllenhaal (2004)
$184,208,848Kevin Costner (1990)
$182,207,973Daniel Day-Lewis (2012)
$170,742,341Russell Crowe (2001)
GrossMovieNotable (Year)
$170,687,518Catherine Zeta Jones (2002)
$169,106,725Kristen Wiig (2011)
$167,445,960Daniel Craig (2006)
$165,249,063Jack Black* (2011)
$164,615,351Leonardo DiCaprio (2002)
$162,805,434Jamie Foxx (2012)
$162,775,358Tom Hanks* (2004)
$162,001,186Adam Sandler (2010)
$158,119,460Adam Sandler (2005)
$155,019,340Bruce Willis* (2006)

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