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Immediately before the Caroline era came this one, also from the monarch's Latin nameEnglish Literary History
In Genesis 2:24 these 2 words are what a man shall do to his parents & then to his wife; add a letter to 1 to get the otherWords in the Bible
A relative of this inventor described him as a boy staring at the tea kettle for an hour watching it boil18th Century Scotsmen
He had previously been a U.S. senator, minister to France, England & Spain, Secretary of War, Secretary of State & Governor of VirginiaBusy Presidents
It's the only state from which rainwater flows to the Pacific, the Atlantic & Hudson BayThe 50 States
Refusing to imprison this man for demonstrating during the 1960s, de Gaulle said, 'One does not arrest Voltaire'20th Century Thinkers
In 59 A.D. Agrippina wrote to this man, her son, 'Tell me why I should plot against your life?'--she was killed anywayRoman Emperors
The aria 'Pour mon ame' by Donizetti includes 9 of these; a few tenors have earned the nickname 'King of' themOpera
This West Central African capital grew out of a settlement that France established for freed slaves in 1849African Capitals
First published in 1880 & made into a film in 1907, 1925 & 1959, it was the first work of fiction blessed by a popeFrom Novel to Film

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