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Apsley House, the London home of this historic duke, boasts an 11' 4' nude statue of NapoleonHistoric People
This man born in 1783 is considered the national hero of 5 different countriesHistoric Heroes
In 1946 he wrote, 'Political language... is designed to make lies sound truthful & murder respectable'British Novelists
This 20th century U.S. president was the first to receive full-time protection from the Secret ServiceThe Secret Service
He once wrote to his son-in-law, 'In New York I am to be disenfranchised and in New Jersey hanged'Vice Presidents
Founded in 1887 to gain a 'Monopoly' on fund-raising, it evolved into The United WayOrganizations
On October 14, 1997 he re-created a feat he had performed exactly fifty years earlierAviation
Written in 1904, 'Himno Istmeno' is the national anthem of this country that won its independence a year earlierThe Western Hemisphere
Her first name comes from an Italian musical term meaning to play 'with sweetness'People in Government
After giving birth in Paris, American Marjorie Karmel wrote 'Thank You' him & co-founded an orgianization now named for himMen of Medicine
ClueCorrect ResponseCategory
He's the only athlete in history to play in both the Super Bowl & the World SeriesSports Stars
The Greek expression meaning 'philosophy (is) the guide of life' is abbreviated by these three Greek lettersForeign Phrases
The current medals for the Summer Olympics feature this goddess on themMythology
This term for those not Roman or Greek derives from the fact their languages sounded unintelligibleWord Origins
Of nations entirely within Europe, it was the largest in area in 1571 & 1771, not on the map in 1871, & No. 6 in 1971Europe
In 1998 Czar Nicholas II & his wife Alexandra were laid to rest in this cityFormer World Capitals
In 1999 a stretch of I-70 that runs past Busch Stadium was renamed in his honor'90's Notables
D.H. Lawrence called him 'an adventurer into the vaults and... horrible underground passages of the human soul'19th Century Authors
This character studied medicine, 'knowing it would be useful in long voyages'18th Century Literature
Number of males who served as British PM in the 1990s plus Oscars won by Tom Hanks plus protons in a helium nucleusKnowledge By the Numbers

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