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Can you name the answers to these random Final Jeopardy clues!?

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One of the two Whig Party presidents who did not die in officePresidents
The name of this royal daughter from a tragedy is from a word meaning 'little king'Shakespeare's Women
In 1905 he said, 'It is my duty to make money and still more money and to use the money... for the good of my fellow man'Famous New Yorkers
The lantern with which he planned to initiate his most famous act is in the possession of England's Ashmolean Museum17th Century British History
Phoebe Snetsinger, she of the apropos first name, set a record for this activity, about 8,400 speciesRecord Holders
'The Road to Middle-Earth' is a book about this writerNon-Fiction Books
In 1529 this Spaniard was made Marques del Valle de OaxacaHistoric Names
Before Victoria & Elizabeth II, this was the last British monarch to reign during 2 different centuriesBritish Monarchs
Queen Victoria was not amused when this animal ridden by kids at the London Zoo was sold to a U.S. showmanIn the News: 1882
A catering hall called Aphrodite's Palace is featured in this 2002 filmMovies
ClueCorrect ResponseCategory
The first store of this giant chain opened in Rogers, Arkansas, population 5,700, in 1962Shopping U.S.A.
In 1974, to save energy, it began in January instead of April & ended on October 27On the Calendar
On April 25, 1792 Nicolas-Jacques Pelletier became the first person in history to have a bad encounter with thisInventions
A contemporary review of this 1851 novel said, 'Who would have looked for... poetry in blubber?'American Literature
This state capital is on the site of a cross erected by Capt. Christopher Newport May 24, 1607State Capitals
The name of this show performed in a 1.5 mil.-gallon tank at the Bellagio in Vegas is a homophone of a French wordLetter Perfect
It's the latitude of the South PoleMap Reading
Though he was already emperor of one country, Franz Joseph was crowned in this city June 8, 1867Rulers
One-word title of the Verdi opera set in Windsor, England in the 15th centuryOpera
Utah changed one letter in 'Greatest Show on Earth' to produce this phrase on its license platesState License Plates

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