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QUIZ: Can you name the things got7 says ?

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Forced Order
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okey u know what i am mark
you guys are so childish
jr made me watch all harrypotter parts
if i tell you cut your ears can you do it
i love coco man
't-expresso' hhhh
bambam knock down yugyeom win round one
when i fart i admit my farts
i wanna fly with yugyeom in my hands and throw him
we're in airport right now
minions are those guys who wears stop stop it outfits
they wanna see jb just your face eleb ebeleb oh ok
how do you know i'm not big
yeah i'm out
actually jaebum hyung has a nickname it's hosaebum
flash in the hole
you liaaaar
how should i kill yugyeom
my name is aka browny see you bro
we released him into the wild
oh my god namja

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