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Food & Drink
Name the savoury batter dish, which is often served with a traditional Sunday lunch 
Which tea brand, produced by Bettys and Taylors of Harrogate, has also extended their range to include T shaped shortbread biscuits 
Name the cheese that is favoured by Wallace and Gromit, produced in Hawes 
After which Yorkshire town are the round black liquorice sweets, embossed with a picture of a castle, named? 
Name the confectionary company, based in York, who produce Fruit Pastilles, Randoms and Jelly Tots 
Name the street in York, which was voted as Britain's Most Picturesque by the Google Street View Awards 
North Yorkshire was awarded the title of Garden of England, according to a poll by UKTV's Style Garden. Which county previously held the title? 
Which castle was famously used to film Brideshead Revisited? 
Which city is described by the Lonely Planets Guides as the 'Knightsbridge of the North'? 
Name the United Kingdom's largest single-span suspension bridge, located near Kingston-upon-Hull 
Which Yorkshire city has two Rugby teams, nicknamed the Arlie Birds and the Robins? 
Barnsley born Harold Dennis Bird, is a famous cricket umpire. What is his nickname? 
Which Yorkshire team is certified as being the oldest association football club in the world? 
Name the Stadium where Yorkshire County Cricket Club play the majority of their home games 
Which Yorkshire football team play their games at Galpharm Stadium? 
Famous Yorkshiremen (and women)
Name the reflective road stud that was patented by Percy Shaw from Halifax? 
How is Conisborough born singer Anthony Fitzgerald, of Amarillo fame, better known? 
What is the surname of novelists Charlotte, Emily and Anne, from Thornton near Bradford 
In which sci-fi television series did actor Patrick Stewart, born in Mirfield, Kirklees, play Captain Jean-Luc Picard? 
Name the Castleford born sculpturer, famous for his abstract bronze sculptures 

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