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Can you name the answers to these questions about How I Met Your Mother?

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What is Ted's middle name? (as said by his mother)
Who does Ted's mother remarry to?
What country in the baltic region was Cristov Doppelganger (Barney) from?
What color shirt was Robin wearing when Ted first saw her?
What was Barney's fake son's name?
What beverage does Robin always leave empty in the fridge?
What is the only subject Ted can talk to his dad about?
Sex is likened to going to the top of what building?
Legen...wait for it....?
What body part does Ted first see of his wife when in her apartment?
What drink does the slutty pumpking make?
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In 'The Limo' what is the first song on Barney's Pump up mix?
What does Ted tell Victoria his name is after they decide to use fake names?
What is Mary's occupation? (Its an episode title)
What is Barney nickname acquired from the coffee shop?
Barney's brother James gets married. What is his husband's name?
Are these hot wings or ______ wings?!
What is the name for the diagonal on the hot crazy scale?
Robin Sparkles next single after 'Let's Go to the Mall'? (her boyfriend co-starred in the video)
Name of Lily's friend from the school that she teaches at. Hot Woo! Girl.
What is the Naked Man's true identity?

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